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A Good Day To Blog

Actually every day is a good day to blog UNLESS you’re so busy with priority jobs such as canning, fencing, cooking, cleaning and all of the less fun things that MUST be done. I love to write but find less and less time to do it. It clears my mind and reminds me of what all has been keeping me occupied.

Yesterday the temps here at 4:00 in the afternoon hit 100* and I don’t think anyone should be out in that heat!! Today is supposed to be more of the same so I plan to freeze corn today INSIDE and post as many stories as I possibly can to try to catch up with myself!!

Hope you have an amazing day and stay cool!!

Work Week Has Ended

It’s good to get back to normal and on a regular schedule. My work week is over and now I’ll concentrate on my home and some projects.  I would like to finish my bathroom rug this afternoon and tonight.  I’ve crocheted two more dishcloths this week and now I have all the threads need to start a new cross stitch project.

Project for tonight is to complete the other half of my crocheted bathrug. It’s made of cotton and will wash up good each week in the laundry. I plan to make three of these to replace a few of my very worn rugs used in there now.

I’m using three different thread colors for my dishcloths and can normally make a 9″ one in a night while watching TV.

My crochet project is coming from this booklet which I bought new in 1985.

My project station is right beside my chair in the living room. It’s also my writing station. I plan to send out at least one letter/card a week in 2019.

I blog because . . . .

I received a comment today from someone that I don’t follow and did not know they existed until the comment.  They had apparently read my profile and the last post I made and commented on “that I had so much “Stuff” for someone that lives off the land”.  At first it made me angry that they said what they did but then I got to thinking about how I write and how things can be misleading.  I went to my profile page and changed the wording a little.  I blog to leave a story for my family and friends when I’m gone.  I’m not perfect but I like to write and I like the way we live so I blog about it.  We’re not “mountain men” or hippies, or naturalist by no means.  We grow our own food, we hunt our own food, we farm and raise cattle to pay for the farm taxes, upkeep on the farm, and do things we love.   We do alot of things the way I was raised such as canning, cutting firewood for our heat and to cook with in the winter months.  We have two freezers that we keep stocked with vegetables, meats, fruit and more.  You’ll probably find a bag of french fries and some ice cream bars in the freezer as well.  We have a big garden that we raise and store the produce from.  I sew, crochet, craft, quilt and much more.  My husband farms, hunts and traps.  I feel certain that if the economy goes belly up like it did during the depression we could take care of ourselves, our family and our neighbors.

I’m going to get off my “high horse” now and calm down and try to ignore the remark that came in the way of a comment and hope that all that read my blog don’t feel like I was misleading anyone.  We inherited our farm over 10 years ago and we’ve learned how to take care of it so it would take care of us and that’s what I call living off the land and loving it.  As for the room that needed lots of organization, I’ve been collecting so much stuff  to use in my retirement and creative time and sometimes it get’s a little out of hand, so whoever you are, GET OVER IT!!