Thinking ahead to spring

I know it’s still winter but frankly I’m tired of it and yes, here I go wishing my life away again.  Spring is just around the corner and since Friday is the first day of March and it takes 6-8 weeks to pop up good and get transplanted in bigger pots before going in the ground, I decided to start a couple of things.   Was that the longest craziest sentence you ever read 😉 ????

Sunday I made macaroni salad and had some “fresh” celery I used in it so I chopped the root end off of it and set it in a saucer full of warm water.  I remember seeing several blogs where we could start our own celery that way so I’m thinking I’ll try it. I sit it in the kitchen window until I could clean up a good flower-pot and get some good potting soil.  Last night I was sitting at the kitchen table and looked over at the window and there were sprouts coming up out of the celery.  I was absolutely shocked and excited.  So, after supper I rounded up the pots, yes pots, and moved to the back porch to get to work.  About four or five weeks ago I had started some herbs too and they were ready to be transplanted.  Here’s the proof of my work and now we just have to wait and see how it goes.  Hubby says I’m jumping the gun!!

Italian basil
Italian basil


Sweet potatoes I started in November are going wild.
Sweet potatoes I started in November are going wild.
Winter Thyme
Winter Thyme
Lemon basil
Cinnamon basil
Lime basil
Lime basil


More Celery sprouting
More Celery sprouting
Sweet basil
Sweet basil
Another sweet potatoe.  We love sweet potatoes but I always way too late to get them in the ground.
Another sweet potatoe. We love sweet potatoes but I always way too late to get them in the ground.

Now we just wait for old man winter to scoot on out of here and let spring herald it’s glory!!!

Green thumb extended to winter

I love things that grow and gardening.  Winter is a slow time for gardening but you couldn’t tell by looking at my back porch which is enclosed.  I wonderful husband built me some shelving a few years back to accomodate my Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus assortment.  The upper shelving holds about twenty beauties and the lower shelves hold our veterinary supplies for the cattle and other gardening supplies.  I want to show you the beauties on the upper shelving that started blooming Halloween week and are still blooming today.  Enjoy!!

New cactus from my daughter that will have yellow blooms.
New cactus from my daughter that will have yellow blooms.
White bloom
White bloom

DSCN2347 DSCN2346 DSCN2345 DSCN2344 DSCN2343 DSCN2342 DSCN2341 DSCN2340

Hunting Season 2011 007 Hunting Season 2011 006 Hunting Season 2011 005 Cactus bloom 2011 Cactus bloom 2011.4


A lot of them look alike but each one has a subtle difference.  I’m looking for a orange and my daughter bought me three yellow cactus for Thanksgiving.  They need little care and are only watered about once a month.  Watering anymore than that will cause them to rot right before your eyes.  The porch is very cool now but it hasn’t stopped these beauties from strutting their stuff.  I used to have to carry all of them upstairs in the wintertime but right before the shelving was done, hubby pulled up the flooring, replaced plumbing, flooring, insulation, put in new windows and insulated the walls and put up paneling.  It stays cool in the summer because of the maple trees surrounding the house and in the winter the sun (when it shines) keeps the plants happy and the room warm.

If you want a beautiful plant with little care, this is the way to go!!

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