Furry Friend in Backyard

Back in April, this little guy was sitting under the door to our woodhouse. It was a perfect spot to get away from Sadie or anything else for that matter.
It played in the yard for awhile and would run back to his safe haven.
They are fast and very alert to danger anywhere they are.
I’m sure he’s fully grown now and found a new place to live. I only got to see him a couple times that month.

Watching wildlife, even through my kitchen window, is precious time to me!

Hiding Away

Do you ever have those days when you have so much work to do but just can’t get into it?  Do you have those days when you just need to get out of the house but the a guilty conscience tells you “No, not today!”?  Wouldn’t you like to knock that guilt angel off your shoulder and just go?

I have a spot I love to go and don’t have to leave the farm!

My special spot away from home on the farm!
My special spot away from home on the farm!

That would be woods behind our house where my tree stand is located. I could sit back there for hours with a book and camera and just drink it all in!!! If our world gets much crazier I’ll probably be spending a whole lot more time there too!

This spot is my hunting spot about 500 yards from our house but only a few people know where it is.  I hunt there, I read there, I think there, I watch wildlife there and I take lots of pictures there!

Wildlife ventures through!
Wildlife ventures through!

I have shelter from the weather and I hunt there with my bow, rifle but mostly with my camera.
I have shelter from the weather and I hunt there with my bow, rifle but mostly with my camera.











Most of my reading is done in this little cottage in the woods!  It’s not a cottage really but it is a 5 x 5 building that has windows on three sides, it has a raised seat that sits one person quite comfortably and it has a hanger for my hat, gloves, camera and bow and it has a storm door on the front with a drop down window for shooting. Best of all it’s not up off the ground!!!  Hubby made it for me!!new-deer-stand-for-bow-season-2015-3 new-deer-stand-for-bow-season-2015-4

This past hunting season I was privileged to see raccoons, deer, turkeys, bobcat kitten, chipmunks, wild birds galore, squirrels  and enjoyed the peace of the woods in a rain shower and a light snow fall.  I read four books while waiting for just the right game to come into focus.  It’s my getaway from this crazy world we live in!!!  Hubby doesn’t mind me slipping off to it occasionally because he has his spots too!


The bag of charcoal is in the floor to absorb any human scent so as not to scare off the wildlife.  I have a big  4″ thick swing cushion for the bench so my butt doesn’t get tired or cold.  I take it in after hunting season is over so the mice won’t use it for bedding.  The step is to keep my legs comfortable and not dangling off the edge.  I have a hook latch on the inside to keep the door shut tight.

Do you have a getaway?  Tell us about it!

Peace of driving to work

On my way into work this morning was much cooler than the last few days but the beauty I saw was so peaceful.  Try to imagine this without pictures.

  • Fields of orchard grass waving in the wind and looking like waves of green water.
  • A sky so blue that you think you’ve never seen that blue before.
  • Small, scattered, wispy, white clouds trying so hard to invade the blue sky.
  • Full grown brown rabbits sitting along the road enjoying the warmth of the sun.
  • Flocks of barn swallows flitting together overhead like aircraft gracing the skies in formation doing their intricate stunts
  • A huge United States of America flag gently waving in the wind.
  • Gorgeous orange poppies in flower beds bending gracefully try to touch one another.
  • A long legged doe gently grooming her fawn while trying to hide in the tall orchard grass.
  • Green leaves fluttering like butterflies in the tops of the trees.
  • Quiet country road with no traffic but me until I come to the main roads.

Country life is so precious, peaceful and quiet!!

Orphans at the farm

I love babies of all kinds and have raised two kids of my own but I’ve also raised several orphan animals and thought I would share some pictures of them.  It’s very gratifying finding them quick enough to get some warm food in them, warm blankets around them and a good warm bath no matter if they’re furbearing or feathered.  Here’s some of my babes:


Heather & Shawn, my beautiful children.
Heather & Shawn, my beautiful children.

My gorgeous granddaughter, Victoria. I didn't raise her but had her with me every moment I could!!!
My gorgeous granddaughter, Victoria. I didn’t raise her but had her with me every moment I could!!!


Sassy - our current baby!!
Sassy – our current baby!!


Sassy  & Dandy
Sassy & Dandy




Annie and the triplets
Annie and the triplets



Precious and Bambi
Precious and Bambi




Little Dan - now he's all grown up.
Little Dan – now he’s all grown up.


Baby chicks
Baby chicks

Half grown mallard babies
Half grown mallard babies


Baby Dude
Baby Dude



Baby Alex & Alexandra-dogs made them orphans
Baby Alex & Alexandra-dogs made them orphans





I can’t begin to tell you of all of the cats, dogs, fawns, squirrels, calves, rabbits, chicks and ducks I’ve hand raised but I can tell you everyone of them was worth the challenge!!

Images of fall without pictures

As I rode into work this morning the temperature was hovering between 39* and 41*.  Fall is definitely in the air and I thought about this post without pictures.  See if you can picture it as I drive along!

The pond in our front yard as I drive out the lane is billowing wispy white fog.  The blue gray sky has hints of pink and red on the horizon.   The golden rod is such a stunning gold and waving in the light breeze.  The new baby fall calves are huddling close to Mom and nursing to warm their little bellies.  A gaggle of Canadian geese sail off the pond and head for new ground to eat before their migration if they decide to leave the county at all.  The maple trees are tinted with gold, orange, yellow and red and the dogwood are blazing red with their changed leaves and full of red berries.  I pass fields full of white yarrow, boneset, catnip and milkweed.  Those are alongside the beautiful yellow black-eyed susan, hawkweed, woodland sunflower, and the many types of goldenrod.  Mix all of these with the purple joe-pie weed, wild aster, vervain and blue chicory.  Imagine a acre field of orange touch me nots and the wild turk’s cap lily growing along the roadside and into the valleys between each ridge you drive through.  I even spot a few touch of bright red cardinal flower along the roadside.  The air is cool and brisk and you can see your breath and the breath of the cattle and deer grazing as you drive by.  They blend in with the tall brown grasses this time of year as do the coyotes out looking for a quick meal without being spotted.  God has truly blessed us with this vision of nature.  Hope you enjoyed the peaceful and beautiful ride into work this morning.

Have a very blessed day!!


Friday adventure with a hawk

Young hawk 092012

Friday afternoon I made a quick trip to town for dogfood and when I returned and was coming down my driveway I spotted something sitting in it.  At first I thought it was one of the wild rabbits that frequent there and the closer I got I realized it was a hawk.  Usually they’ll fly when you get close but this one did not.  It was beautiful, young and not afraid of my car at all.  This was very unusual and I stop right in front of it and got out to make sure it wasn’t injured.  When I went around the car, it flew up on a fence post beside the driveway and turned to watch me.  Still not afraid and me WITHOUT my camera.  I quickly got back in my car, went to the house and unloaded the feed and ran in the house and got my camera.  The whole time I was thinking that he won’t be there when I return.  Lo and behold, when I got back to the post he was still there.  I turned my vehicle around and got out of the car with my camera ready for some awesome pictures.  He let me take a couple and then all at once he bobbed his head toward me and flew down on my right shoulder.  I ducked down and he flew back on the post.    I didn’t know whether he wanted but I didn’t think he needed to be on my shoulder.  I took a couple more pictures and he started bobbing again and I decided it was time to get back in the car and leave him alone.  I’m pretty sure he was a very young hawk and may have just fledged from a nest in that maple tree.  I do know he was beautiful and very curious.  Here’s a couple more pictures I got before I left him to hunt.

Four feet away from a bird of prey

Beauty of Nature 2012



This other beauty was injured by flying into an electrical wire while diving for fish in our pond this spring.  His injuries took his life sometime during the night of the accident.  We call them fish hawks.


Fish hawk early summer 2012


This was a very big bird and had a three to four foot wing span.


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