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Update to Old Flowerbed

I diligently starting working on my yard flowerbed in May starting with my rose garden which has been weeded, fertilized and prepared for new rose bushes to take place of so many that I lost during the winter either to the cold or the wild rabbits.

Rose Garden- rabbit proof fence around the inside of the yard and this fall I will do the same thing to the outer perimeter. It has a chain link fence but the rabbits have found places to get under it. I’ll bury chicken wire about three inches down and at least two feet high to keep them out.

I’ve worked on the front bed facing the house and to the right of the front gate but waiting on blooms for the later summer bloom. I have a few coneflower preparing to bloom with big buds next to the rose garden..  The lilac didn’t bloom this year and I’ve researched what I need to do before another year.  This was it’s first spring since it was planted late summer in 2018.   The hollyhock is blooming and the hibiscus will be later.  I have one shasta daisy that was transplanted and I’m still hopeful it will bloom once the weather stays warm.  I tried a butterfly bush beside the front gate but it did not survive, which I half expected since it was one of boxed bushes you find real cheap in most stores.  A new well-established one is on my list for spring 2020.

We patiently wait for bloom!

The bell garden was my next cleanup but a summer cold/allergies/sinus problems slammed me into bed a few days and after 10 days I think I’m near the end of the mess.  I sat in the sun in this garden on Tuesday and got a few things done.

Bell Garden-weeded but still needs some work. First I need to kill the grass at the front of the garden because it’s hiding the shorter plants in the garden.

The first row holds Primrose which I divided Tuesday. It also has a few snapdragons for some bloom in the summer months.  Primrose are one of my first bloomers usually in April.

The second section is half full of columbine and I’ve seeded for next spring to have the entire row full of all colors. Columbine likes the shade and the cooler weather.

The section in front of the dinnerbell is lupine, bleeding heart, tall phlox, bleeding heart and more lupine in that order. Not much this year but you have to start somewhere.

Behind the bell is an area that I’m hoping will have pink and purple Cleome to accentuate the entire area with tall, delicate blooms. Most all of the plants in this bed are perennials or re-seeders.

I can’t wait to feel well enough to get back in my gardens but Mother Nature needs to slow down the winds and rain just for a few days!  We also have about 65 acres of hay left to roll for our first cutting this year.

What a garden shouldn’t look like

I love to work in the garden early in the morning or late in the evening after the sun has gone behind the mountain.  Hubby does most of the gardening in the last three years and I’ve help do the harvesting and putting away for winter stores.  This year doesn’t seem to be much of a gardening year.  I noted in an earlier post that we had gotten unusual amounts of rain for our area and cooler temps and that we hadn’t been able to get our hay harvest complete.  Well, we haven’t had much luck gardening either.  This is what a garden is NOT supposed to look like.

Anybody see any beans in this mess?

Anybody see any beans in this mess?  Weeds will grow with plenty of rain and no sunshine!

Corn that should be four or five feet tall is bearly a foot tall.

Corn that should be four or five feet tall is barely  a foot tall.

Eggplant is beautiful but the weeds are starting to choke them out.

Eggplant is beautiful but the weeds are starting to choke them out.

Easy to find the mole beans!

Easy to find the mole beans!

Hubby decided it will be best to salvage the onions and potatoes.  We started pulling onions because some are rotting in the ground.  He pulled one row and I laid them out to dry and we’ll pray they dry good and keep over the winter.

This is the best onion crop we've had in a long time.

This is the best onion crop we’ve had in a long time.

These all came from one row in the garden and most of them are white onions.

These all came from one row in the garden and most of them are white onions.

Most of them are nice 3-4 inch heads.

Most of them are nice 3-4 inch heads.

The end of the row had a few red onions.  The other row we haven't pulled is yellow and red onions.

The end of the row had a few red onions. The other row we haven’t pulled is yellow and red onions.

Hubby dug a two hills of potatoes to check on their growth and to make sure they weren’t rotting too.  They’re  much nicer than last years crop and they’re Yukon Gold potatoes.

New potatoes from the garden.

New potatoes from the garden.

We’re not terribly concerned about our lack of a garden this year though we love to be fixing fresh vegies straight out of the garden but we have so much canned goods in the cellar from last year that is still so good.    We definitely won’t go hungry this winter.

Miracle weed killer

I got so tired of weeding  in front of the front porch steps and the weeds are creeping though the stepping stones and around the entry flower pots.  Plus, I have an injured knee that is preventing me from being that mobile right now. The weeds in my flower gardens has gotten way out of hand because I’m stuck in the house trying to meet my goal of finishing my “spring cleaning” by August 1st.

I found a wonderful weed killer and it doesn’t have any “ugly” chemicals in it.  I promise and it works within 1-2 HOURS!!  I read somewhere last week of a quick trick and tried it this morning at the front porch steps and down the walkway (large stepping stones from the farm).  With in a  hour and a half the weeds were brown and wilted and now dead.  All I used was a spray bottle of straight white vinegar!! I sprayed the weeds pretty heavy and went back in the house to prepare to can some honey.  My hubby came in shortly and told me I had a surprise out front.  I followed him out on the front porch and was amazed as the results and was even more amazed at how quick it worked.  

Wait until the sun goes down this evening, my yard won’t be the same!!!!  I’m anxious to see if it just kills what’s above ground or if it it kills to the roots.

I’ll let you know soon!!




Update:  It worked great and didn’t kill anything it wasn’t supposed to kill.  It’s rained on it several times and doesn’t look like the weeds are coming back.  I did have one small patch of poison oak that I tried it on and it DID NOT WORK!

Now to the rest of my flower beds that need major attention.  Posts will follow the clean up.