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Visits To Covington

I’m still playing “catch up” with my blogging so things may come into play a little out of sequence but I write them as I get to them.

I have a twice-monthly ritual in my life that takes me to Covington, Virginia, to visit my youngest brother.  I go every other Sunday and we spend the day doing whatever he wants to do.  It takes me an hour to get to him and then we usually spend about 4-5 hours together before I take him home to Merryfield.

Lunch in January

Lunch in June

We go riding on roads we haven’t been on, we visit cousins, we go shopping, but we always go out to lunch together. He loves going to Tractor Supply to look at the farm equipment and all of the “cowboy” clothing!  Dean’s favorite food is hotdogs with mayonnaise only and a bacon cheeseburger!!  Occasionally we have pizza or we try to find a restaurant that he hasn’t tried.  Sometimes we head toward White Sulphur Springs WV or Fairlea, WV or we drive into Lexington or Roanoke.  The day just depends on the mood he is in or how much time we have.  He loves to shop and we try to find unusual shops to visit instead of Walmart every visit.  Eddie and I picked him up a couple of weeks ago and took him with us to a family reunion and my brother, Junior, took him home after the reunion so we wouldn’t have to do so much traveling.

I enjoy our visits and sometimes we just stay at his place and do something in his room.  He prefers going out though for that one-on-one visit and we talk about what he’s done since the last visit.  When we go out he dresses up in a shirt and tie and always looks like he’s stepped out of a men’s fashion magazine but he likes dressing up.  His health is much improved though his kidney function is only 40% but you never hear him complain and he’s put back on some weight!  Merryfield keeps him busy going to movies, concerts, wrestling matches, shopping, and Lifeskills during the week.  Lifeskills is a school for teaching day-to-day things that most of us take for granted but he enjoys the interaction with his house and schoolmates everyday.


Visit with Carol

I had a wonderful visit from a girlfriend earlier this month and I haven’t seen her for several months.  Carol and I worked together at Virginia Tech and I love her dearly.

Celebrating my birthday the year before I retired from VT.

Celebrating my birthday the year before I retired from VT.


We always have so much to talk about including our kids, grandkids, her work and my part-time work and home.  We both love to read and we started a book club soon after we met at VT.



She bought me a new book and a wonderful tin of cookies for Christmas.  I’m hoping we’ll have more visits like this in the near future.  I fixed lunch for us and we talked and laughed for several hours.  We talked about gardening, her work, my work, families, and of course, our cohort in crime that she still works with, Gwen.  I miss you guys so much!

Christmas tin of goodies from Carol.

Christmas tin of goodies from Carol.





I'm pretty sure she told me there were no calories in this batch!! ;)

I’m pretty sure she told me there were no calories in this batch!! 😉

Carol, I hope we can get together for lunch really soon because we have a lot to catch up on!   I’ll call you soon, I promise!

The new book that I guarantee she will finish before I do!

The new book that I guarantee she will finish before I do!

Trip to Eastern Shore – Stockton MD

Last year my daughter, Heather, and I started our 1st Annual Girls Trip but this year Heather’s trip was a week before mine and that was good so Dad wouldn’t worry about both of us on different roads at the same time but it did spread the worry out a tad but we both made it just fine.

On September 23rd, I went on my very first long distance trip alone to visit Margaret who lives in Maryland. Margaret has been my best friend for more years than we can count and started sometime in the teenage years of my children.  We have so many like interests and have each other in tears catching up on our daily lives.  You have to know we “talk” almost daily by email but it’s just not the same as being in person.  I almost lost her last year and had to go to her to reassure myself that my friend is working really hard to stay in this mad world to keep me sane and out of trouble.  I love her to death!!

She lives in Stockton Maryland which is 408 miles from my home and about 7 1/2 hours including potty breaks along the way.  To get to her I crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which was awesome, astounding, long, and surrounded by water!!!

This is as close as I wanted to get to the side of the bridge!!  :)

This is as close as I wanted to get to the side of the bridge!! 🙂

I get seasick quite easily and there had been a week of storms prior to my going to see her and the water was very high and choppy and I could feel an uneasy feeling coming so I made myself have tunnel vision to make it across and back without throwing up my innards!!  That I must say was the only bad part of the trip.

Margaret's home where we spent so much time laughing, eating and catching up.

Margaret’s home where we spent so much time laughing, eating and catching up.








While there she took me to a place called “Furnace Town”  and if you are ever over there you must go to this little town museum!  Margaret used to make costumes for their annual events.  It was set up as a self walking tour or you could get someone to go with you to explain what you were seeing.

Margaret entering the Blacksmith Shop

Margaret entering the Blacksmith Shop

We met a very educated gentleman that was the tender of the gardens and he told us so much about the heirloom garden he tended himself and then took us into the school-house which was awesome.  After that we took the tour on our own and it was definitely like walking back into another era.  The Furnace Town church on the property was absolutely gorgeous. What a spot for a wedding and they were setting up for an evening wedding at the site the day we were there.

Map of Furnace Town

Map of Furnace Town








While there I bought a wonderful book called “The Weaver’s Girl” by Gracie Ayers which is based on this town.  Great read!!

While in Stockton, we also went shopping at all (some) of her favorites spots which are now mine!!   We ate out, drove to the waterways that are close to her home.

George Island Landing

George Island Landing




drove the area she lives in and



saw some beautiful old mansions,

One of the mansions close to where she lives

One of the mansions close to where she lives







ate in (wonderful cook), told stories, ate some more,  met her great grand-daughter, Maddie.  Maddie is a beautiful little princess!

Princess Maddie

Princess Maddie

We got caught up on most everything in four days, laughed, cried, watched “chick flicks”,  considered the problems of the world and what we think needs to be done to fix it (HA) and had a most awesome visit.  Then I had to come home but we promised to get together again next year either at her place or someplace in between with Heather and Ashley!

Front porch fun

In the heat of the summer day, we spend time on the front porch.  We welcome neighbors and friends and sit around and talk.  I’ve tried to make the porch an enjoyable place to visit with young and old alike.  This year I added a antiques bench on one end of the porch and a game board on the other end with plenty of seating in between.

First I want to show one of my new chairs that I added to the decor and fun!




home 052013 031


                       An old blue stool and a tractor seat =  this:

IMG_0007  IMG_0006  IMG_0005 Believe it or not this is a very comfortable seat.  It’s sturdy, country looking, and fits all sizes!!!

Then I added a game corner for the porch.  I took a vinegar barrel and added a checker board for all too enjoy!  A couple of tall stools on both sides makes for some friendly competition for old and young alike.  Right now the checkboard clother is draped over the barrel but hubby is making me a flat service to fit the checkerboard and the fun begins.

home 052013 024

home 052013 023



I can’t wait to challenge my granddaughter to game of checkers or Life on the Farm game!



Life on the Farm is much like Monopoly but based to farm life instead of city life!

And the last of the porch makeover is this assortment of antique tools we’ve found on the farm which we’ll add to as time goes on!


Wouldn’t you love to come visit on the porch for awhile?!?!?!


Best Friend Visit

Have you ever sat with someone and you laughed so hard your face hurt? Have you got a special person in your life besides the love of your life that you can talk to about ANYTHING? Have you got a special friend that can make you laugh, think, cry, and listen to for hours on end? I do!!
My best friend (besides  hubby) came for a 10 day visit this month and we had an absolute ball!! We talked, laughed, shopped, crafted, cleaned, decorated, ate, drank, laughed, talked, and slept a little while she was with me. My husband took us to the West Virginia State Fair one evening. We shopped three or four days. We put almost 700 miles on my car. We caught up on old stuff and new stuff. We visited the mountain where her husband now resides. We sampled new wines and old.  We went on treasure hunts. We baked! We sobbed when she left to go home and we’re making plans for our next visit together!! Margaret is my MVBF!!!