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A Long Distance Visit

Back in the spring and while things were shutdown I promised my younger brother, Dean, if he got his Covid vaccines and things calmed down I would take him to visit our brother, Richard, in North Carolina. This was an issue because Dean is petrified of needles and under no circumstances will he let ANYONE get near him with a needle. He even has to have x-rays for his annual TB test. Lo and behold, he took the vaccine in April and had been asking me weekly when we were going on our vacation to North Carolina!!

We were planning to go in October, nearer to Richard’s birthday, but with Covid ramping up again we decided to go this month. On the 10th, I picked up Dean and we took a 4 hour trip to Mebane, NC. Dean was very excited and I was anxious to see Richard and his wife, Linda, as we had not for several years.

They have a beautiful home!
Their home is in a quiet neighborhood and we had a great time while there. Richard treated us to lunch at Cracker Barrel!
Richard, Dean and Linda in the background!
Linda, Richard and Dean
I’m glad we took the trip and we’ll have great memories to carry with us forever!

We stayed with them for a bit after lunch and then headed back to Virginia. We overnighted in Martinsville because Dean wanted to spend the night in a hotel (vacation means hotel to Dean) and we watched a movie before retiring and left for home at 7:00 the next morning.

When I make a promise, I keep it and this sister and brother team had a fun trip together before Covid locked us apart from visits again!!!

Working the calves

Just a peek at what’s entailed in keeping our cattle and calves in good health.  I don’t know what we would do without our daughter’s help.  Farming is in her blood!

Now what??

Now what??

IMG_2251 - Copy


Eartags to match mom and calf in the event of health problems or heifers kept on the farm.

IMG_2250 - Copy

Baby shots to keep them from pinkeye, blackleg, lockjaw, and other diseases.IMG_2249 - Copy

IMG_2248 - Copy


Castration to prevent inbreeding while on the farm.  Cattle start early!!IMG_2247 - Copy

IMG_2246 - Copy


Mother’s waiting outside the gate for the babies.IMG_2245 - Copy

Our new squeeze chute is much gentler on the little ones and on the farmer working on them.IMG_2244 - Copy

Hard part is coaxing them through the metal chute when they can’t see their mama.IMG_2243 - Copy

Somebody got too close to the back-end of another.IMG_2242 - Copy


IMG_2153First baby of our new cows and she’s a red angus.  Small but very frisky.