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Treasured Friends

They come into your life as young children and grow with you. They live in your hometown. They live in your state of residence, close by or hours away. They live in New Jersey, West Virginia, Maryland, Colorado and Georgia. They live in Canada or Australia. They’re there to make you smile or you make them smile. They’re always a phone call or message away but you don’t have to talk to them everyday. You would let them move in with you in a heartbeat or I could show up on their doorstep and know I was welcome any time day or night!! You learn from each other and teach each other. Every second, minute, hour or day together is immeasurable in my heart! You can talk to them about anything and everything. You share anything and everything! They’re not your family, they’re your friend, mate, alter-ego, confidante, soulmate, pal, buddy, ally, chum, cohort, hobnobber, partner, comedian, peer, accomplice, collaborator, supporter, sympathizer. They are the people you don’t ever want to leave you and I would be so sad if they were not here as my support system. I have a wonderful family support system but my treasured friends are all knowing and understanding! You know who you are and I love you all dearly!!