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Handmade Gifts

I love handmade!   Over the last few years I’ve asked my husband to make me gifts rather than buy them.  He hates to shop and lately I’m the same way.  Handmade means someone took the time to think about the person they’re gifting and come up with something that they think is perfect for the giftee.  Here’s a few of the things my wonderful man has made for me over the years.

This is my favorite photo of the Eddie and I. He took two old single-trees, cleaned them up and put them together to frame our photo.


Three spice racks made from oak, cedar and pine and now full and hanging in my country kitchen! Most of my most used spices in one spot and easy to pick out what I want.


Shelving runs lengthwise in my 30 ft kitchen on both sides. 

He made these in two different years to hold all of my old kitchen decor. 

I hate using plastic storage containers now. I had a large stockpile of 1/2 gallon canning jars so I moved all of my dry goods into the jars. Eddie made me this unique cabinet to go over my pie safe and that holds a lot of our food.

Staples are in airtight containers and easy to put my hands on. No more smelly plastic containers.

Eddie made me a baking tin cabinet from some wormy chestnut boards from the farm.

My round baking tins and loaf pans go in the top shelp. The baking sheets and bread pans go on the bottom shelf.

It fits perfectly beside my range and the spice shelves are directly above it.

This is my newest piece of handmade gifts from my husband! appliance/baking center in the kitchen.

I’m the luckiest girl alive to have such a loving and creative man to live with.  He doesn’t understand why I like the old, primitive look because he likes the more modern look.  I keep telling him I’m just a country girl at heart!!

Country folks!!

Beautiful Gift from Friend

I have a friend that lives down the road from me about a mile and she is the sweetest lady you would ever want to meet.  I’ve known Linda for years and her boys and their families live close by to.  Linda is also retired from Virginia Tech and we both have so many interests and hobbies alike.  She is so talented and is willing to help anyone at the drop of a hat!  We need more people like her in our lives everyday!!

Linda has, I think, two looms in her home and she weaves rugs, beautiful rugs.  I have a loom that I bought at a yard sale for $25 but have never sit it up.  Linda has told me that when I’m ready she and her husband Gene will help me and figure out if all the parts are with it.  This is one of my resolutions for 2016 but first I have to clean out a room in the mansion to set it up.  Looms take up a lot of room.  She said she would teach me how to sit it up and give me all the basics to learn how to complete this old craft.

Last year when I was doing some “cleaning out” I found several totes full of upholstery fabric that was taking up too much space in my storage room. I gave Linda the fabric and she said she would make me a rug which was not necessary since she was helping me out by adopting all the fabric that I needed to do something with.

For Christmas, Linda made me this beautiful rug from some of the fabric I shared with her.

This is a "Linda Smith" original.

This is a “Linda Smith” original.

Handmade on her loom for my Christmas present!  It's inspiration to get mine set up!!

Handmade on her loom for my Christmas present! It’s inspiration to get mine set up!!

Linda Smith Creation

Linda Smith Creation

Linda made this for me with upholstery fabric I gave to her last year.  The pictures don't do the rug justice.

 The pictures don’t do the rug justice.  This woman is so talented and I’m very proud to call her my friend!!  The rug has taken up residence in my family room entryway so that everyone can see and enjoy as much as I am.

I’m hoping that 2016 will make me a weaver too!!