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Little Brother update

On April 7th my youngest brother had a parathyroid gland removed because of a large nodule on it that was causing all sorts of medical issues. Dean did really well during and after the surgery and seems to feel really good even though he was never one to complain unless he had a headache or sinus infection.
We’ve been waiting on the pathology report since that day. It’s seems like it’s been months that we’ve been waiting but finally today we got the news.  The pathology report was negative for any cancer!!  We are so blessed and the counselors at Merryfield all think that he seems to feel better since the surgery though he never complains.

I talked to him on the phone after the appointment and he told me, “Me feel better, now!”  I could have cried!!

Thank you God for blessing us with this news and placing your blessings on Dean!!!

Dean-January 2014

Dean-January 2014

Sassy’s surgery



Sassy is our “little” blonde cocker spaniel that makes our bed her bed!!  Over the last few summers Sassy has made it habit of running, playing and rolling in tall grass and I guess because she love the coolness of it and she’s hunting for mice.  She’s a good mouser but she never eats them.  On occasion during these outings, we have gotten some nasty ticks off of her.  That’s another reason we try to keep her sheared so it makes it easier to fine them and to treat her so she won’t get them at all.

Anyway, it seemed like there were some places where we removed the ticks that she got a hard smooth bump afterwards.  The most noticeable one was on her back and we always warned our groomer of them whenever she went to get a haircut.  Early in the spring we had the vet here for some cattle issues and he checked her out while he was here.  Dr. Wall advised us that the cyst on her back which had gotten about the size of a dime  and about a 1/2″ thick needed to come off and he was more concerned about the ones she had  on her belly which were smaller but  turning black.

Sassy_Summer 2012

Hubby called the doc’s office and made the appointment for the 9th of May and he had to have her there at 8:00.  He said while he filled out a mountain of papers for her surgery, Sassy took a tour of the office and got to know everyone.  Sassy has such a wonderful temperment and never meets a stranger.  Hubby left her there and met me at an eye appointment and took me to breakfast and we ran some errands.

We got a call from Dr. Kelly around 10:30 and he was taking her in for the surgery and wanted to know if we wanted the cysts biopsied and we told him no.  We’re not wealthy and have gone through cancer and heart problems with our dogs before.  It’s not cheap and we felt like lots of love and attention would be better than putting her through chemo or radiation.  The vet’s office called a little after noon to let us know the surgery was over and Sassy had woke up from the anesthesia and we could pick her up around 3:00.  She was still groggy when he picked her up and a little unstable.  We had  to give her antibiotics twice  a day which we finish tonight.  The cyst on her back has 10 stitches in it and the ones on her stomach had at least two stitches each.  The cyst on her back we are told was nothing to worry about but the other’s are very suspicious.  He told us that they probably won’t come back where they’ve been removed but to expect more.

Surgery on her back 05092013

Surgery on her back 05092013

Sassy recovering from surgery 05112013 (3)

Sassy recovering from surgery 05112013 (4)

Sassy recovering from surgery 05112013 (2)

She seems to be doing fine and we’ve been very careful to make sure she doesn’t jump up in her bed or go out and get the stitches wet.  She never once seemed to be in pain and likes all the attention she getting.  We’ve always spoiled her rotten and plan to continue to do so.  I want what time she has with us to be as happy as humanely possible.  Keep her in your prayers, please!  Here’s some baby pictures through current time of our precious little girl!

sassy 14


Home 052012 012 Hunting Season 2011 036
IMG_0036 IMG_0037 (2)

sassy taking nap at heathers 2005


IMG_0038 (2)
IMG_0201 my sassy

Can’t help but love that face!!!Sassy 001