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Our First 2018 Thunderstorm

March 17, 2018 and we have a huge thunder and lightning show around 8:30 last night.  We were sitting in the living room watching TV and I saw the flash and heard the boom immediately and it just about rolled us out of our recliners!!!  I jumped up fast and ran to the computer to unplug everything, hoping it wasn’t too late.  In the past I’ve had three computers, phones and phone jacks burnt up by lighting rolling through our phone lines.

It’s a beautiful sunny morning on the farm today!! Chilly but gorgeous!

It’s so hard to believe how green everything is.  We expecting more winter weather on Wednesday and hoping all of those spring calves come before or after this weather gets here.  Hubby is out feeding now and checking the fences to make sure the lightning did not hit the fence chargers.  It does that a lot around here when we have these storms.  When we know the storms are close and coming our way we unplug the chargers.

This little gal was the first of the year born on March 4th. She can run like the wind and keeps her mama in a tither all the time.

But for this Sunday we will enjoy and feel blessed to have such a glorious day!  Yes, there’s lots of mud but we will take the rain soaking up our fields, pastures and garden for now.

I think I’ll cook up some fresh trout, pinto beans and fried potatoes for our dinner tonight which will top of the spring day!

The 200+ Tree

Our biggest sap producer in the back yard of the mansion.

Our biggest sap producer in the back yard of the mansion.

It’s getting close to time to make maple syrup again and Mother Nature split our best sap producer in half back in late summer.  The tree is over 200 years old and we have pictures of my husband’s family having a picture made at it when his great, great grandparents had passed away.  All of the children were standing/sitting in front of the tree when the picture was taken and the tree was only about 10-12 inches around.

This is a picture of my husbands great aunts and uncles taken at the mansion and the young maple can be seen in the background.

This is a picture of my husbands great aunts and uncles taken at the mansion and the young maple can be seen in the background.

Now, three to four people holding hands around it can still barely reach around the base of what’s left of it.  I’m hoping it may sprout new growth this spring and only time will tell.  We got several truckloads of firewood from it and the rotted was carried to the woods to go back into the earth.  This loss will make a big difference in our sap production but we do have several of the same size on the farm that we have not tapped before and will during our next production season.  We probably won’t have a maple syrup weekend this year due to the crazy season we’re having this winter/spring.  Here’s some pictures of the downed tree and the damage it did to fence and gates but thankfully fell to the north instead of on the mansion (family home of our ancestors).

wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-20 wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-19 wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-18 wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-17 wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-16 wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-14 wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-12 wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-11 wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-6








That storm in July broke another of our heritage apple trees which seems to happen with every storm.  wind-damage-at-mansion-072016-3  We had another storm last night but thankfully no damage was found but for one huge pine tree in our back fields.  Cattle and fences were spared this time.

Raining again

I left work this morning with it raining again.  The weatherman says there a possibility of flash flooding again.  We still have less than half of our hay put up but already have almost as much hay as we did last year rolled.  I keep telling my kids that if we have as much snow this coming winter as we had rain this summer that we should all be preparing for lots of quiet time at home by the wood stove and possibly without electricity.  I think I’m going to prepare both of them an emergency weather kit for their homes just in case.  It’ll be up to them to fill the food cabinets and prepare for some kind of heat.   Here’s the rain guage as of last Sunday:

7 1/2 inches as of July 28, 2013

7 1/2 inches as of July 28, 2013

I know it’s hard to read but we’re just 1/10th of an inch from 7 1/2 inches for July.  We got 6 1/2 in June and 5 1/2 in May.  Rained expected today, all day should put us up to the 8 inch mark and more rain expected the first day of August.  What will we get if hurricanes come up the coast in September and October like they normally do?  Do I sound like a “worry-wart”??  The sunshine sure did feel good Monday and Tuesday.  Keep those umbrellas handy!!

Computers & storms

In my neck of the woods it’s wise to not only turn your computer off when thunderstorms are predicted but you better unplug them and unhook your connection to the phone lines.  In the eleven years that we have lived here on the farm I have lost three computers to lightning.   In this rainy season that we’re having and have had I usually unplug everything until all danger has passed.

This the reason that my posts have been few and far between.  I hope this weekend to be caught up on everything that has been put on hold for the last month and a half.  So, expect to see a lot of email notices and please be patient with me.  Tomorrow is a new and quiet weather day but for the wind!!

Have a great evening and holiday weekend!!

Summer storm to remember

We had a major wind storm with some hail behind arrive at our home last night around 8:30.  We lost power for only four hours and most of the county is still without power.  I’m including some photos of the damage we found today.  We are safe but will be cleaning up the aftermath for several weeks.

God was watching over and kept us safe.  The trees, hay, buildings and fences can be repaired and as I said before that are others in the county a lot worse off than we are!