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Remembering A Time

It’s not been too long ago that I was working everyday and traveling 45 minutes to and from work in any weather.

This was in 2010 and I drove from Blacksburg VA to the farm in the middle of it and was careful. The cold wind was blowing and I don’t remember it being bone chilling at all. But these days with a couple inches of snow I just freeze all the way to the bone!! I don’t know what getting older has to do with that because I have plenty of meat on these bones!!

The only good thing I see in this weather is it will make for a great maple sugar event and possible good for the ground if it can melt through.

We’ve had three or four snowfalls so far this winter but never more than 2-3 inches have fallen. Saturday thru Monday of this weekend, our weather forecasters are calling for a very different weather scene of as much as 10 inches or more in the mountains. We’re ready for it but not looking forward to it. It’s supposed to be a heavy wet and crusty snow which could cause trees down and power outages. I’m not worried about myself so much but Eddie will be feeding the cattle in it and today I’ll put down more straw for the chickens and fill the dog beds in the barn. Of course, the porch will be filled to the top with firewood to keep our stove going and we’ll be toasty in the house with a big pot of meat and veggie stew on the stove. If the power goes we’ll be cuddled up reading until dark and hit the hay early!

Our son and grandson & his Mom, and our granddaughter will be elated because they love the snow! I see sleigh rides, snowmen built and snowball fights in their future.

I hope everyone is home, safe and warm like we will be during this weather event.