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It’s Been A Year

I still can’t believe she’s gone and still get weepy when I think of her. Our Cocker Spaniel, Sassy, died a year ago today and we’re so sad.  Eddie bought her for me as a puppy in 2004 and she has been our baby ever since.






Rest in peace my beautiful girl!!



A couple weeks ago Sassy, our last “child” was having a terrible time finding a place cool enough to sleep. She panted a lot at night, moved from room to room and wanted outside in the bitter cold a lot.

Sassy likes her bed during storms.

Sassy likes her bed during storms.

Sassy is a blonde cocker spaniel and like her “mommie” she about 20 pounds overweight.  Her coat is as thick as a Dorset sheep and I mean really wooly!!

My precious wooley girl, Sassy!

My precious wooly girl, Sassy!

We tried to wait on her spring trip to the beauty shop (four or five times a year is why she is so wooly).  She was miserable and we needed a full night of sleep so I call Robin our wonder groomer of Classy Pets and Robin had an opening which we grabbed.

All of the ear rubbing and treats all the way to the groomer did not calm Sassy down much because as soon as we went down the mountain and took a right on Rt 311, she knew what was coming!  Four hours later my baby came home excited and couldn’t wait to get in the house in her warm bed.  She looks 20 pounds lighter don’t you think???

Sassy girl with her new do.

Sassy girl with her new do.

Wrinkles do show up more if you cut your hair!  :)

Wrinkles do show up more if you cut your hair! 🙂  She has a crooked smile due to a mini stroke a couple of years ago.  

She doesn't look as thin from the side view but neither do I.

She doesn’t look as thin from the side view but neither do I.

Curly dog goes radical

With a full coat and she loves the snow!!  We have her sheared three or four times a year.

With a full coat and Sassy  loves the snow!! We have her sheared three or four times a year.

Sassy has this full coat right now and it’s as curly as I’ve ever seen it but she is absolutely miserable.  She’s way too fat but the coat makes her pant all night which makes all of us lose sleep.  On Thursday she made a trip to “Classy Pets” in Salem for a new “do”!

Sassy's new haircut.  She lays in the sun a lot now when outdoors and sleeps between us at night now.

Sassy’s new haircut. She lays in the sun a lot now when outdoors and sleeps between us at night now.

Sassy looks a little thinner now but pictures can be deceiving!!

Sassy looks a little thinner now but pictures can be deceiving!!



We’ve also cut down on her food and are feeding her venison jerky with a half portion of her dogfood and more water.  Now, that I’m losing weight she goes on some of my walks with me which is good for her as well but she is almost 11 years old and I don’t expect her to keep up like I used to keep up with her.


Sassy’s surgery



Sassy is our “little” blonde cocker spaniel that makes our bed her bed!!  Over the last few summers Sassy has made it habit of running, playing and rolling in tall grass and I guess because she love the coolness of it and she’s hunting for mice.  She’s a good mouser but she never eats them.  On occasion during these outings, we have gotten some nasty ticks off of her.  That’s another reason we try to keep her sheared so it makes it easier to fine them and to treat her so she won’t get them at all.

Anyway, it seemed like there were some places where we removed the ticks that she got a hard smooth bump afterwards.  The most noticeable one was on her back and we always warned our groomer of them whenever she went to get a haircut.  Early in the spring we had the vet here for some cattle issues and he checked her out while he was here.  Dr. Wall advised us that the cyst on her back which had gotten about the size of a dime  and about a 1/2″ thick needed to come off and he was more concerned about the ones she had  on her belly which were smaller but  turning black.

Sassy_Summer 2012

Hubby called the doc’s office and made the appointment for the 9th of May and he had to have her there at 8:00.  He said while he filled out a mountain of papers for her surgery, Sassy took a tour of the office and got to know everyone.  Sassy has such a wonderful temperment and never meets a stranger.  Hubby left her there and met me at an eye appointment and took me to breakfast and we ran some errands.

We got a call from Dr. Kelly around 10:30 and he was taking her in for the surgery and wanted to know if we wanted the cysts biopsied and we told him no.  We’re not wealthy and have gone through cancer and heart problems with our dogs before.  It’s not cheap and we felt like lots of love and attention would be better than putting her through chemo or radiation.  The vet’s office called a little after noon to let us know the surgery was over and Sassy had woke up from the anesthesia and we could pick her up around 3:00.  She was still groggy when he picked her up and a little unstable.  We had  to give her antibiotics twice  a day which we finish tonight.  The cyst on her back has 10 stitches in it and the ones on her stomach had at least two stitches each.  The cyst on her back we are told was nothing to worry about but the other’s are very suspicious.  He told us that they probably won’t come back where they’ve been removed but to expect more.

Surgery on her back 05092013

Surgery on her back 05092013

Sassy recovering from surgery 05112013 (3)

Sassy recovering from surgery 05112013 (4)

Sassy recovering from surgery 05112013 (2)

She seems to be doing fine and we’ve been very careful to make sure she doesn’t jump up in her bed or go out and get the stitches wet.  She never once seemed to be in pain and likes all the attention she getting.  We’ve always spoiled her rotten and plan to continue to do so.  I want what time she has with us to be as happy as humanely possible.  Keep her in your prayers, please!  Here’s some baby pictures through current time of our precious little girl!

sassy 14


Home 052012 012 Hunting Season 2011 036
IMG_0036 IMG_0037 (2)

sassy taking nap at heathers 2005


IMG_0038 (2)
IMG_0201 my sassy

Can’t help but love that face!!!Sassy 001

Daddy’s other little girl

As much as he loves his beautiful and precious daughter, my hubby loves his second child too!  She plump, frisky, hairy, lovable, and can get under his skin in a heartbeat.

BUT, when Daddy comes home from hunting, feeding the cattle, anything that she wasn’t involved in, this is what happens:


Daddy and Sassy after the hunt!!

Daddy and Sassy after the hunt!!

Sassy loves Daddy!!

Sassy loves Daddy!!


He made her a special bed and it sits in front of our bedroom window.  She patiently (most of the time) waits/sleeps until he comes home.  Once he comes in the door she waits for him to come sit beside her and tell her how much he missed her and rubs her ears.  She listen to all of he hunting tales patiently as long he rubs those ears.  She’s not quite the joy our beautiful daughter is but Sassy comes in a fast second!!  The best part, she was supposed to be my baby as a Christmas gift eight years ago but it’s pretty clear where her heart lies.  She is definitely one of the family!!

Sassy’s Trip to the Beauty Shop

We have a spoiled rotten blonde Cocker Spaniel by the name of Sassy. Hubby got her for me for Christmas six years ago and the whole family loves her. She’s very quiet and mild mannered for a Cocker. We started shearing her when she was about 1 1/2 years old because she just frets so when it’s hot. Since we’re shearing her, her coat gets so thick and we have to shear her in the winter time too or we don’t sleep at night for the panting and roaming the bedroom looking for a new cool spot.
Well, we’re at that time of the spring when it’s her or us!! We sleep with the windows open so she’ll get cool air but it’s not helping at this point.
Tuesday morning she went on her least favorite trip to see our groomer, Robin. Eddie said when they got there she was shaking all over but Robin said that as soon as he left she calmed down and everything went really well. Robin is so good with her and Sassy loves her except for the bath and haircut. All went well and as soon as she got home the weather changed and the temps dropped 20+ degrees. Guess who is sleeping in the middle of the bed between since Tuesday! Isn’t she adorable!!??