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Update to Old Flowerbed

I diligently starting working on my yard flowerbed in May starting with my rose garden which has been weeded, fertilized and prepared for new rose bushes to take place of so many that I lost during the winter either to the cold or the wild rabbits.

Rose Garden- rabbit proof fence around the inside of the yard and this fall I will do the same thing to the outer perimeter. It has a chain link fence but the rabbits have found places to get under it. I’ll bury chicken wire about three inches down and at least two feet high to keep them out.

I’ve worked on the front bed facing the house and to the right of the front gate but waiting on blooms for the later summer bloom. I have a few coneflower preparing to bloom with big buds next to the rose garden..  The lilac didn’t bloom this year and I’ve researched what I need to do before another year.  This was it’s first spring since it was planted late summer in 2018.   The hollyhock is blooming and the hibiscus will be later.  I have one shasta daisy that was transplanted and I’m still hopeful it will bloom once the weather stays warm.  I tried a butterfly bush beside the front gate but it did not survive, which I half expected since it was one of boxed bushes you find real cheap in most stores.  A new well-established one is on my list for spring 2020.

We patiently wait for bloom!

The bell garden was my next cleanup but a summer cold/allergies/sinus problems slammed me into bed a few days and after 10 days I think I’m near the end of the mess.  I sat in the sun in this garden on Tuesday and got a few things done.

Bell Garden-weeded but still needs some work. First I need to kill the grass at the front of the garden because it’s hiding the shorter plants in the garden.

The first row holds Primrose which I divided Tuesday. It also has a few snapdragons for some bloom in the summer months.  Primrose are one of my first bloomers usually in April.

The second section is half full of columbine and I’ve seeded for next spring to have the entire row full of all colors. Columbine likes the shade and the cooler weather.

The section in front of the dinnerbell is lupine, bleeding heart, tall phlox, bleeding heart and more lupine in that order. Not much this year but you have to start somewhere.

Behind the bell is an area that I’m hoping will have pink and purple Cleome to accentuate the entire area with tall, delicate blooms. Most all of the plants in this bed are perennials or re-seeders.

I can’t wait to feel well enough to get back in my gardens but Mother Nature needs to slow down the winds and rain just for a few days!  We also have about 65 acres of hay left to roll for our first cutting this year.

Those Honery Creatures

During most of the summer of 2018 (when I wasn’t blogging much) I was working hard to make a rose garden in one corner of our front yard that gets sun most of the day.  It was hard work and a challenge to position all of them into one corner.

I’m thrilled with how the rose garden is blooming over and over this year.

There are over twenty different types and colors of roses in the bed and it looks a little different from the picture above because all of the non-roses were also dug up and moved to different areas of the yard inside and out.  Several of them survived the winter of 2017-18 due to the ice and creatures called wild rabbits!  They chewed the bark off of every rose in the yard!!

Bark eaten off of nearly every rose.

I meant to put up a barrier fence in the new rose bed during our first frost but never seemed to get around to it.  My procrastination proved to be maddening, the rabbits got to them before I did.  Immediately Eddie and I started putting up the barrier fence around the rose garden.

This is the same plastic fence we use around our garden to keep the deer and chickens out during growing season and take it down at the end of the growing season.

We have chain-linked fence around the yard so we only had to stake the fence around the roses from the inside of the yard.  I’m glad we found the damage before it was to far gone to save the roses.  We will be having Brunswick Stew if I catch the creatures getting through this!

Fencing barrier around the roses.

I think these are worth saving!!!

I absolutely love this color!Peach, orange and yellow, great idea for a quilt.

New rose in a beautiful deep pink/scarlett.

The wild rabbits killed most of my roses during the winter so my wonderful children gave me 10 new roses for Mother’s Day. This beauty is one of them.

Last years yellow rose is such a beauty and has just began blooming. It will be moved into my rose garden early fall.

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It’s really JUNE 2018???  I thought sure that May would slink by slowly and it rained most every day leaving us with a total of six inches in the rain gauge.  May was wet but beauty abounded on our farm and I’m going to show you just a touch of it!!

Pink rose from my daughter.

Pink Sweet William. It’s a perennial for me and this area is three years old and it’s reseeding every year.

Dark pink with outer layer of light pink Sweet William

I have a small area in my rose garden with Sweet William which was my grandmother’s favorite. I have several colors of this plant in the rose garden.

New rose in a beautiful deep pink/scarlett.

Mauve and cream bearded iris.

I have peonies blooming all over the yard and along the fence as you enter our yard gate.

I think this is one of my favorite with the pale mauve and pale pink.

Yellow and white iris group

Vibrant purple iris

A different yellow and white bearded iris

White and purple iris

This view shows that hint of yellow-orange.

Lavender iris with a hint of orange-yellow in the bottom of the petals.

I absolutely love this color!Peach, orange and yellow, great idea for a quilt.

This red rose has continued blooming since Mother’s Day and I think it will all summer as long as I keep pinching off the spent blooms.

The wild rabbits killed most of my roses during the winter so my wonderful children gave me 10 new roses for Mother’s Day. This beauty is one of them.

Pink and lilac bearded iris. I love iris but when it rains the blooms only last about a day.

The glass shimmers when the sun hits them and they’re a little subdued when the sunlight is not hitting them.

This is one of my new glass flowers, a new hobby. I make flowers for my garden out of old dishes. They add color between the different seasons of the flowers.

A touch of red

A touch of gold

Darker pink columbine. Hummingbirds love all of these beauties.

First year of white columbine, even more delicate! I think there is a yellow columbine and a red that I need to add to my collection. I’ll look into that.

Second year of pink columbine, so delicate.

Gorgeous blue columbine. I started out with one little columbine plant about four years ago and now there’s a multitude of them!!

More columbine

Yellow-white bearded iris

A different yellow and white bearded iris

Gerber daisy in a hanging basket that Eddie got me for Mother’s Day. One week later it had out grown the basket because it had four plants in it. I separted them into two large pots beside my front steps.

Gerber daisies after repotting.

A bouquet of peonies

A bouquet of salmon iris

An unusual iris bud of dark purple

Two year old rose that the rabbits didn’t destroy!

A wheelbarrow of marigolds and zinnias

Old fashioned rose that has been on the farm for over twenty years and every year it’s pumps out the blooms


Old rose bush full of bloom and blooms most of the summer.

Yellow now but as the bloom ages it turns white

Siberian iris-this grows so fast that I have to divide it every spring.  And this isn’t all of them but I think you get my point about May flowers!!

Spring flowers are changing

As spring changes to summer so do the flowers in our yard.  The beautiful iris bloom is  dwindling fast.


















As the iris fade the peonies start showing off their beauty!








As beautiful as they are, more beauty is budding to take their place!

The majestic roses are starting to bud and burst into astounding beauty in so many colors.








I’ve worked hard since moving here 15+ years ago to have an ever-blooming yard of color.  I think it’s been worth the hard work and determination.  I’m including some more of the beauty that is showing now.

Balloon flower in full bloom.

Balloon flower in bud stage and where it got its name.

A new addition to my garden and I have no idea what it’s called. The bloom is about 3 inches across but it’s only about five inches tall.

The Sweet William is getting fuller and more beautiful and sits in front of my rose garden.





























But we can’t forget the natural beauty out in the fields!

The ever beautiful daisy which I love to make a crown of when we have small children on the farm.

I have no idea what this is but some of our fields are full of the little bell-shaped white flower. The honeybees love them too!











Go for a walk every chance you get and enjoy the beauty provides us everyday!


Finished the Yard

Yesterday was the first pretty day I’ve had in over a week without the wind trying to blow me off the mountain!!!  Hubby was turkey hunting and our daughter was working on the yard at her new house so I decided to tackle the rest of our yard and it was bad!

Before the cleanup my yard and flower/rose beds are covered with leaves which protect them from the freezing cold.

Maple tree leaves help protect my roses and perennials all winter long but they’re a bugger to take care of in the spring!

I started raking around 1:00, I think, and finished about two hours later.  I hauled my big wheelbarrow away with six packed-down loads.  Now the entire yard has been cleaned up and I’m ready for some gorgeous flowers to brighten my life!!

This is where I began. It doesn’t look like much now but once the perennials between the roses come out it will look great. The big rocks that I use for edging came from the site where our daughter has built her new home. They make great edging and I don’t disturb the flowers when I’m mowing.

Next was the corner rose garden. I started using the old red gate last year to try to contain the old-fashioned rose. I wired an old birdhouse that Uncle Holl had made to it to dress it up and this year I have a pair of bluebirds nesting in it.

bluebird nesting in the rose garden! Love it!

Then I cleaned out the Siberian iris along the south fence prepared the wheelbarrow for something bright red and purple.

After that I replaced my lawn wind flower that Heather got me for Christmas. I love that thing!!! I have to take it down when the wind gets up because it twirls itself apart!  The front of the rose garden is full of sweet-william.  I’ve loved that flower since my grandmother grew it when we all lived in Paint Bank as a child.  Last year is the first year I was able to get it started.  It has stayed green all winter and the frost we had the last two days hasn’t hurt it at all.  It’s beautiful when it blooms and blooms all summer.

Johnny jump-ups are all over the yard now.

My daffodils have been beautiful this year!

I’m so glad the cold doesn’t hurt them.

Isn’t this color so very bright?



Busy Day

I slept late this morning and didn’t get up until  7:45 so started breakfast pretty quick.  I think a good breakfast starts the day out right.  We had waffles and link sausage and cantaloupe.  After breakfast I washed up the dishes, made the bed and turn on the computer.  I turn it on and walk away when I have things I want to get done because I can get wrapped up in it pretty quick and lose track of time.

The cookie tins were depleted this weekend so the first thing I did was fill up one tin with Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and the other with Snickerdoodles.

Snickerdoodles is one of the easiest recipes you can make and they're really good.

Snickerdoodles is one of the easiest recipes you can make and they’re really good.

My favorite recipe for Oatmeal Raisin cookies and the Mr.'s favorite.

My favorite recipe for Oatmeal Raisin cookies and the Mr.’s favorite.

After these were in the tins and the mess cleaned up, hubby asked Heather and I to go to the back fields and count the fall calves and see if we thought we should send them on to the market.  We did this and checked them all out for pinkeye or other abnormalities and found none.

Heather helped me pull two large baskets of grass for the rabbits and I cleaned out their cages and made sure they had enough water, grain and sunflower seeds and then she headed home.

I came in fed Sassy her lunch and headed to the henhouse to check on the water, feed and sitting hen situation.  I have a ISA Brown hen and a Sexlink hatching this weekend.  I testing something I read last year about the shape of eggs can determine the sex of the chicks the hens hatch.  More on that later!!

I filled up the lawn mower and mowed the inside yard and waiting for the sun to cool off before finishing.  I would like to get all of the trimming done before the showers move in tonight.  Then I dead-headed all of the roses.  They’ve been so beautiful this year.

Now it’s time to fix some supper but hubby won’t be out of the hayfield for probably another hour or so and I have plenty of time.  We’re having fried turkey biscuits, potato salad, green beans and cantaloupe.

It’s been a productive day but cookie baking took most of the morning!  I hope everyone has had a very good day!

Beauty of Summer

I remember my roses being beautiful last summer but they’ve outdone themselves again this year.IMG_0006IMG_0007IMG_0008

Peach rosebuds yet to unfold.

Peach rosebuds yet to unfold.

White rose at it's peak.

White rose at its peak.

The botttom was blooming last week and the top was full of buds.

The bottom was blooming last week and the top was full of buds.


Old Timey Rose and no matter how much I cut it back it bushes out and full of blooms.

Old Timey Rose and no matter how much I cut it back it bushes out and full of blooms.

IMG_0029 IMG_0028 IMG_0026 IMG_0024 IMG_0017 IMG_0016 IMG_0014 IMG_0013

The roses are beautiful but when you add a little nature . . .

We have wild rabbits everywhere and sure hope they don't get in the garden.

We have wild rabbits everywhere and sure hope they don’t get in the garden.

then you add a view like this . . .

View from the front porch.

View from the front porch.

And a view of the mountain

And a view of the mountain

beauty is everywhere!!!

Country Girls Rose Garden 2015

Few words and lots of photos of this years rose garden that I am so proud of. I thought I had lost most of the new roses I planted in 2014 due to the horribly cold weather we had but low and behold here’s what I’m singing praises for.
































The rain and wind has battered them today so this evening after the storm passed through I trimmed off all the dead blooms, cut a vase for the kitchen table and now I’ll wait for them to all rebloom (I hope)!! IMG_0008

New roses are growing

I truly love roses and am trying so hard to make them grow and survive our mountain farm.  In the spring I found a wonderful buy at Breck’s for five roses for $19.99 and they were bare root roses.  When they arrived they were already showing lots of new growth but I was afraid to plant them because we were still getting freezing temps day and night several days in a row.  Finally in early May, hubby helped me dig the holes and we put them in the ground with two tablespoons of epsom salts and lots of water. DSCN5366






I watered them every day May through mid-June and we started getting some rain.  Now I water them thoroughly once or twice a week depending on the rain. They are doing quite well and all but one has bloomed and it’s still sprouting new growth.  I’m watching it carefully and giving it lots of love!  Here’s proof of the blooming:








Now, I started this post in June and here it is the 8th of August and (more about that later)  here’s what my beautiful roses have done all summer:
























I’m dealing with some japanese beetles and some black spot which seems to be worse with all the rain we’re getting but I’m thrilled I’ve kept them alive, they’re blooming and so beautiful.  I just have to keep them through the winter.  New post coming with the rest of the flowers flourishing this summer!!  

My yard is blooming

No words, just the beauty of my photos, says enough I think!

Peonies and rose

Peonies and rose

Peppermint rose

Peppermint rose

Dinner bell garden

Dinner bell garden



New Rose

New Rose



Old Fashioned Rose full of bloom

Old Fashioned Rose full of bloom

Another new rose

Another new rose

Trumpet vine

Trumpet vine

Hyacinth bean

Hyacinth bean

Cardinal vine

Cardinal vine


Bigger blooms every year

Bigger blooms every year




Goosefoot fern

Goosefoot fern

Jade plant

Jade plant




Mother’s day hanging table


Peonies and Iris


Hostas & geraniums


Locust post birdhouse



DSCN5589  DSCN5588  DSCN5587Peony 


Peonies and Iris



White rose  (old)


Red Rose (old)


Siberian Iris


I have two of these in the yard and I can cut them back to a foot tall and by June they’re back full of green, pink and white.  It’s so pretty and covers the ground at the yard entrance with rose petals all summer.

The yard is starting to shape up

After a horrific flower season two years ago my yard is starting to get some shape and color back.  My wonderful hubby bought me some new roses and periennials  a few weeks back and I’ve been busy.


































Let me know what you think!  There’s a lot more to do but I think it’s a fantastic start!

Update on flower gardens disaster

One of my first posts was about the disaster I had last year with my flower beds and the nasty “Weed & Feed” junk that I killed EVERYTHING with. Well, God has blessed me with a few more brains this year and I decided to post some of the flower results this year has given and their not even half to capacity yet. No more talk, just photos:

Enough for today! I’ll do a follow up post when the yard is in full bloom. The hostas and daylilies survived the torture I put them through last year and the old roses made a come back but the new one’s I’m afraid are gone forever!