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Furry Friend in Backyard

Back in April, this little guy was sitting under the door to our woodhouse. It was a perfect spot to get away from Sadie or anything else for that matter.
It played in the yard for awhile and would run back to his safe haven.
They are fast and very alert to danger anywhere they are.
I’m sure he’s fully grown now and found a new place to live. I only got to see him a couple times that month.

Watching wildlife, even through my kitchen window, is precious time to me!

Gyps new playmate

If you’ll remember, back in April I had an orphan calf, named Annabelle.  She was orphaned because her mom died shortly after her birth.  A few days before this,  we got a new puppy we named, Gyp.  Gyp was barely six weeks old when we got her and she made up with Annabelle quickly.  They played in the yard together and it was fun watching them run after each other.



About two, maybe three weeks after this, we had another cow deliver a dead calf and she had so much milk and was grieving her calf bad.  Hubby decided to try a little trick he learned a long time ago and tricked the mama cow into taking Annabelle within 12 hours of losing her own calf.  Mama was happy, Annabelle was happy, we were happy but little Gyp was not allowed to play with Annabelle anymore.  Annabelle’s new mom did not like dogs around her little one.

We played with Gyp as much as we could and Sassy our cocker spaniel did not like this rowdy pup at all.  BUT, one of our new hounds, Roxie, loved horsing around with her and now that Gyp has gotten used to her, they are tried and true friends.  This is great for us because hubby is hoping that Roxie will teach Gyp all the tricks of running coons.  Everyone is happy!!  Here’s the two at play and we can’t believe how much baby Gyp has grown.  In one month, she has tripled size and doubled her weight.