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Good to Know

I have a wonderful calendar that I got free when I subscribed to Bottom Line newsletter.  Each month they have some wonderful tips that I found very helpful.  It is maddening to me to try to call a service you use (i.e., telephone, satellite, etc.) and you have to wait through a whole list of departments, sub-departments, and then wind up back where you started.  I honestly believe they do this in hopes you’ll give up and live with the problem you may be having.  Anyway, I digress, one of the helpful hints was “how to reach a human” and they gave me some FREE websites you can go to and find the exact person you need to talk to without all of the aggravation.  I haven’t tried them yet but plan to this weekend.  Three that are noted are 1)  www.lucyphone.com  2) http://www.GetHuman.com and 3) http://www.DialAHuman.com .  I’ll post later on the luck I have!!