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Mother’s Day with my Daughter

My beautiful daughter knows me so well and knows that in May I’m thinking about my flower gardens and what to hang on the porches, in the gazebo, in my antique wheelbarrow and anywhere else that I can find a hole to put some spring color!!  The last couple years it’s red and purple and blue and white.  Here’s what she came up with and presented to me for Mother’s Day 2015:

Mini petunias

Mini petunias

Flowerbed on wheels

Flowerbed on wheels

Hanging basket from my daughter

Hanging basket from my daughter


These added to all of my perennials and roses make for an awesome yard!!


One of the fullest hanging baskets she’s ever found for me.


Back side of previous basket!


Mini petunias that just keep blooming!


The hummingbirds and honeybees love these!


They’re all over the yard! She has such good taste and knows my taste as well!

DSCN6881Thank you baby girl!!


Update on flower gardens disaster

One of my first posts was about the disaster I had last year with my flower beds and the nasty “Weed & Feed” junk that I killed EVERYTHING with. Well, God has blessed me with a few more brains this year and I decided to post some of the flower results this year has given and their not even half to capacity yet. No more talk, just photos:

Enough for today! I’ll do a follow up post when the yard is in full bloom. The hostas and daylilies survived the torture I put them through last year and the old roses made a come back but the new one’s I’m afraid are gone forever!