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It’s really JUNE 2018???  I thought sure that May would slink by slowly and it rained most every day leaving us with a total of six inches in the rain gauge.  May was wet but beauty abounded on our farm and I’m going to show you just a touch of it!!

Pink rose from my daughter.

Pink Sweet William. It’s a perennial for me and this area is three years old and it’s reseeding every year.

Dark pink with outer layer of light pink Sweet William

I have a small area in my rose garden with Sweet William which was my grandmother’s favorite. I have several colors of this plant in the rose garden.

New rose in a beautiful deep pink/scarlett.

Mauve and cream bearded iris.

I have peonies blooming all over the yard and along the fence as you enter our yard gate.

I think this is one of my favorite with the pale mauve and pale pink.

Yellow and white iris group

Vibrant purple iris

A different yellow and white bearded iris

White and purple iris

This view shows that hint of yellow-orange.

Lavender iris with a hint of orange-yellow in the bottom of the petals.

I absolutely love this color!Peach, orange and yellow, great idea for a quilt.

This red rose has continued blooming since Mother’s Day and I think it will all summer as long as I keep pinching off the spent blooms.

The wild rabbits killed most of my roses during the winter so my wonderful children gave me 10 new roses for Mother’s Day. This beauty is one of them.

Pink and lilac bearded iris. I love iris but when it rains the blooms only last about a day.

The glass shimmers when the sun hits them and they’re a little subdued when the sunlight is not hitting them.

This is one of my new glass flowers, a new hobby. I make flowers for my garden out of old dishes. They add color between the different seasons of the flowers.

A touch of red

A touch of gold

Darker pink columbine. Hummingbirds love all of these beauties.

First year of white columbine, even more delicate! I think there is a yellow columbine and a red that I need to add to my collection. I’ll look into that.

Second year of pink columbine, so delicate.

Gorgeous blue columbine. I started out with one little columbine plant about four years ago and now there’s a multitude of them!!

More columbine

Yellow-white bearded iris

A different yellow and white bearded iris

Gerber daisy in a hanging basket that Eddie got me for Mother’s Day. One week later it had out grown the basket because it had four plants in it. I separted them into two large pots beside my front steps.

Gerber daisies after repotting.

A bouquet of peonies

A bouquet of salmon iris

An unusual iris bud of dark purple

Two year old rose that the rabbits didn’t destroy!

A wheelbarrow of marigolds and zinnias

Old fashioned rose that has been on the farm for over twenty years and every year it’s pumps out the blooms


Old rose bush full of bloom and blooms most of the summer.

Yellow now but as the bloom ages it turns white

Siberian iris-this grows so fast that I have to divide it every spring.  And this isn’t all of them but I think you get my point about May flowers!!

Spring flowers are changing

As spring changes to summer so do the flowers in our yard.  The beautiful iris bloom is  dwindling fast.


















As the iris fade the peonies start showing off their beauty!








As beautiful as they are, more beauty is budding to take their place!

The majestic roses are starting to bud and burst into astounding beauty in so many colors.








I’ve worked hard since moving here 15+ years ago to have an ever-blooming yard of color.  I think it’s been worth the hard work and determination.  I’m including some more of the beauty that is showing now.

Balloon flower in full bloom.

Balloon flower in bud stage and where it got its name.

A new addition to my garden and I have no idea what it’s called. The bloom is about 3 inches across but it’s only about five inches tall.

The Sweet William is getting fuller and more beautiful and sits in front of my rose garden.





























But we can’t forget the natural beauty out in the fields!

The ever beautiful daisy which I love to make a crown of when we have small children on the farm.

I have no idea what this is but some of our fields are full of the little bell-shaped white flower. The honeybees love them too!











Go for a walk every chance you get and enjoy the beauty provides us everyday!


My yard is blooming

No words, just the beauty of my photos, says enough I think!

Peonies and rose

Peonies and rose

Peppermint rose

Peppermint rose

Dinner bell garden

Dinner bell garden



New Rose

New Rose



Old Fashioned Rose full of bloom

Old Fashioned Rose full of bloom

Another new rose

Another new rose

Trumpet vine

Trumpet vine

Hyacinth bean

Hyacinth bean

Cardinal vine

Cardinal vine


Bigger blooms every year

Bigger blooms every year




Goosefoot fern

Goosefoot fern

Jade plant

Jade plant




Mother’s day hanging table


Peonies and Iris


Hostas & geraniums


Locust post birdhouse



DSCN5589  DSCN5588  DSCN5587Peony 


Peonies and Iris



White rose  (old)


Red Rose (old)


Siberian Iris


I have two of these in the yard and I can cut them back to a foot tall and by June they’re back full of green, pink and white.  It’s so pretty and covers the ground at the yard entrance with rose petals all summer.

Update on flower gardens disaster

One of my first posts was about the disaster I had last year with my flower beds and the nasty “Weed & Feed” junk that I killed EVERYTHING with. Well, God has blessed me with a few more brains this year and I decided to post some of the flower results this year has given and their not even half to capacity yet. No more talk, just photos:

Enough for today! I’ll do a follow up post when the yard is in full bloom. The hostas and daylilies survived the torture I put them through last year and the old roses made a come back but the new one’s I’m afraid are gone forever!