In the Mist of Crisis and Turmoil

. . . there is beauty and peace on the farm!

More iris
Hens & chicks
Blue iris
Yellow iris
Peach iris
Old fashioned rose
Yellow iris
Siberian Iris
White rose
Pink rose
Peach rose
Tiger lily
More roses

Snow for !st Day of Spring

We got another batch of wintry mix last night that started as rain.

Nine inches so far and it’s still snowing.

It’s peaceful and quiet! The only thing moving this morning are the birds at the feeders and a red fox at our pond. He had caught a mole and was heading back to his den with breakfast (I never have the camera in my hand for shots like this).


Hubby has gone out to feed the cattle and check for new babies.  Thank goodness those expectant mothers held out for at least another day.

It’s still snowing but supposed to end sometime this afternoon but not looking much like it right now.  Everyone stay warm and enjoy the bright whiteness while you can.  As farmers we don’t mind this very much because we know our fields, pastures and garden will grow abundantly in the coming months!

Have a great second day of spring!!

Hiding Away

Do you ever have those days when you have so much work to do but just can’t get into it?  Do you have those days when you just need to get out of the house but the a guilty conscience tells you “No, not today!”?  Wouldn’t you like to knock that guilt angel off your shoulder and just go?

I have a spot I love to go and don’t have to leave the farm!

My special spot away from home on the farm!
My special spot away from home on the farm!

That would be woods behind our house where my tree stand is located. I could sit back there for hours with a book and camera and just drink it all in!!! If our world gets much crazier I’ll probably be spending a whole lot more time there too!

This spot is my hunting spot about 500 yards from our house but only a few people know where it is.  I hunt there, I read there, I think there, I watch wildlife there and I take lots of pictures there!

Wildlife ventures through!
Wildlife ventures through!

I have shelter from the weather and I hunt there with my bow, rifle but mostly with my camera.
I have shelter from the weather and I hunt there with my bow, rifle but mostly with my camera.











Most of my reading is done in this little cottage in the woods!  It’s not a cottage really but it is a 5 x 5 building that has windows on three sides, it has a raised seat that sits one person quite comfortably and it has a hanger for my hat, gloves, camera and bow and it has a storm door on the front with a drop down window for shooting. Best of all it’s not up off the ground!!!  Hubby made it for me!!new-deer-stand-for-bow-season-2015-3 new-deer-stand-for-bow-season-2015-4

This past hunting season I was privileged to see raccoons, deer, turkeys, bobcat kitten, chipmunks, wild birds galore, squirrels  and enjoyed the peace of the woods in a rain shower and a light snow fall.  I read four books while waiting for just the right game to come into focus.  It’s my getaway from this crazy world we live in!!!  Hubby doesn’t mind me slipping off to it occasionally because he has his spots too!


The bag of charcoal is in the floor to absorb any human scent so as not to scare off the wildlife.  I have a big  4″ thick swing cushion for the bench so my butt doesn’t get tired or cold.  I take it in after hunting season is over so the mice won’t use it for bedding.  The step is to keep my legs comfortable and not dangling off the edge.  I have a hook latch on the inside to keep the door shut tight.

Do you have a getaway?  Tell us about it!

Blessings for 2017


On New Year’s Day and the whole year through, I hope the kindness you’ve given to others returns many times to you.   I wish you all peace and harmony in this New Year 2017!  May peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days.  

Most of all have a safe, happy and peaceful end to 2016!

Happy New Year


Sprucing up the gazebo and summer fun at the pond

I’ve worked around the gazebo a few days in the last two weeks and it’s so peaceful sitting in there.  My beautiful daughter bought me two Boston ferns for Mother’s day and they are gracing each side.  I planted a orange and a yellow trumpet vine on the back side in hopes of providing a little shade in the August afternoons.  It may be a couple of August’s before they get big enough to do that but I’m also thinking about making a Roman shade to go on the west side for the evening relaxation.  The paddle boat has been cleaned up and ready to launch.  The picnic table needed some repair work which hubby took care of.  Don’t you think this is a wonderful spot to relax and just a few steps from my front door.

Ready for Summer 2013
Ready for Summer 2013


Place to sit, boat to pedal, picnic table to eat at, who could ask for anything more??
Place to sit, boat to pedal, picnic table to eat at, who could ask for anything more??


Picnic table and boat house full of fishing gear.
Picnic table and boat house full of fishing gear.


100 yards from the house!
100 yards from the house!






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