New Fencing on the Farm

I’m not sure why but we just can’t seem to keep up with the fencing repairs on the farm.  Every year there is a field or road fence that needs replacing.  Last year we enlisted the service from a “professional” fencer and though it looked good it wasn’t installed properly.  Electricity was running to the metal gates going into the field.  We contacted the fencer and he told us he would be back to correct the problem but he never showed and within a couple of weeks someone in the community ran through the new fence and didn’t stop.  At this point we had to repair the fence anyway and hubby made the corrections to the electricity himself.

Fencing torn out and repaired.
Fencing torn out and repaired.

We do a lot of patching when we can but Dad is tired of doing that and wants to replace now.  Some of the bad spots look something like these:

These fences are probably 30-40 years old.
These fences are probably 30-40 years old.
Woven wire that gets bad is usually patched with a couple strands of barbed wire.
Woven wire that gets bad is usually patched with a couple of strands of barbed wire.



fencing-2016-17-45 fencing-2016-17-43

Here’s a look of what the old fencing on the farm looked like before we started the new.


This year we selected a new fence service who gave us a decent quote and hubby thinks his service was excellent.  His crew worked as hard as Mr. Price and  on days when the wind was howling and terribly cold.   Mr. Price was a true professional and hubby says we will be using his services again in the near future.


Mr. Price was quick to start the work and his crew didn’t just stand around and wait to be told what to do.  They tore out the old fences, stacked the old wire and piled up the old post which we’ll use for firewood.  You can’t beat locust posts for a hot fire in the middle of winter.

Old fence posts and stacked wire ready to move from the fields.
Old fence posts and stacked wire ready to move from the fields.






Here’s some of the finished work and I know we will be using Elmer’s Fencing again in the very near future!fencing-2016-17-30 fencing-2016-17-29 fencing-2016-17-27 fencing-2016-17-23 fencing-2016-17-17 fencing-2016-17-11 fencing-2016-17-9 fencing-2016-17-8fencing-2016-17-38fencing-2016-17-36fencing-2016-17-35fencing-2016-17-35new-board-fence-at-farm-entry-2016-1 img_0012 img_0011 img_0010 img_0009 img_0008 img_0006

Board fencing with high tensile behind it.
Board fencing with high tensile behind it.
Beautiful new board fence behind Heather's new house.
Beautiful new board fence behind Heather’s new house.

img_0005 img_0004 img_0003 img_0002 img_0001 new-board-fence-at-farm-entry-2016-5 new-board-fence-at-farm-entry-2016-4 new-board-fence-at-farm-entry-2016-3 new-board-fence-at-farm-entry-2016-2




Isn’t it gorgeous?!?!  The next fence project is a line fence between us and a neighbor and Eddie & I are going to tackle it alone probably in the next couple weeks.

Farm work is NEVER done!!

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