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Goodreads -What I’ve been reading

I’m retired now and miss the audiobooks that I listened too each morning going to work and traveling home each evening.  Since I don’t go off the farm that much now about the only time I get to listen to them is when traveling to and from  visiting my brother in Covington or going to my monthly trips grocery shopping or going to the feed store.  The following are are a few I’ve listened to this past year and recommend to anyone that likes a good book.





GapCreek_Robert Morgan

GrayMountain_John Grisham







Now, I MUST review them in my Goodreads account and recommend to some of my followers.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

The Perfect Hope: Book Three of the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy Nora Roberts

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I’ve just recently finished this series of Nora Roberts books and as always loved them all.  Love, mystery and lots of humor in all three make them a treasure!

I’ve also in the last few months read and love Karen Whites, “The Girl on Legare Street”, “House on Tradd Street”, and “The Strangers on Montague Street”.  Just recently a fourth book in the series has come out called “Return to Tradd Street” but I haven’t started it yet because I’m two-thirds into “The Atlantis Gene” and three-quarters into another Nora Roberts goody called “The Dark Witch”.



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Our bookclub is reading “The Mermaid Chair” and I’ve got to get started on it as well.  The Atlantis Gene and Dark Witch are the last two the bookclub read.  As usual, I’m so behind that eventually I’ll catch up to myself 😉 !  All of these books are good reads but my problem is finding time to read and if I read at night I get through a few pages and fall asleep!

It seems the only time I really get to read a lot is when I go to my deer stand and take the books with me.  I can read a whole book in a couple days in that quiet, serene setting and not fall asleep and get to watch wildlife at the same time.