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Maple sugar time is upon us and because of the freaky weather we may not get to make any this year.  It’s either raining or icing our world and we’re sure the sap has come up but we’re expecting 20 degree weather over the weekend and next week.

This is a tree tapping we did last year.

Pints and quarts of heavenly fresh maple syrup in 2018

We’re still waiting on the heifers to drop their babes but have only had one of fourteen to calve so far.

The one little calf needs/wants a playmate so much.  Today he was running laps around his mom for fun!

Goodbye February!  We’re anticipating the March winds, have had enough showers so April can be semi-wet and bring in some of those beautiful May flowers!!!

Things Are Slow At the Moment

We’re not especially covered up with farm work at the moment due to the very wet weather and cold winds.  As most farms are this time of year, we normally would be working on fences, cutting next years firewood, trimming damaged trees and pruning fruit trees.    All of that work is not being completed now because we can’t get anywhere on the farm for the mud.  It’s so easy to get hung up even feeding the cattle.  When I go to the henhouse in the afternoon I wear my knee top rubber boots and the mud is so slimy and thick that it tries to suck my boots off.  The ducks have issues getting to and from their water sources and the chickens stay close to the henhouse because their feet get caked with mud!  We’ve had record rainfall and this week is loaded with more rain, ice and snow.  We’re very anxious about this due to 14 heifers (cow that hasn’t had a calf) due to deliver beginning today. 

Raining again

I left work this morning with it raining again.  The weatherman says there a possibility of flash flooding again.  We still have less than half of our hay put up but already have almost as much hay as we did last year rolled.  I keep telling my kids that if we have as much snow this coming winter as we had rain this summer that we should all be preparing for lots of quiet time at home by the wood stove and possibly without electricity.  I think I’m going to prepare both of them an emergency weather kit for their homes just in case.  It’ll be up to them to fill the food cabinets and prepare for some kind of heat.   Here’s the rain guage as of last Sunday:

7 1/2 inches as of July 28, 2013

7 1/2 inches as of July 28, 2013

I know it’s hard to read but we’re just 1/10th of an inch from 7 1/2 inches for July.  We got 6 1/2 in June and 5 1/2 in May.  Rained expected today, all day should put us up to the 8 inch mark and more rain expected the first day of August.  What will we get if hurricanes come up the coast in September and October like they normally do?  Do I sound like a “worry-wart”??  The sunshine sure did feel good Monday and Tuesday.  Keep those umbrellas handy!!