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Happy Mother’s Day-Tribute to My Mom

My mother before she married my Dad.

I want to send out my warmest wishes to all the mother’s out there including my Mom in heaven and my beautiful daughter who thankfully lives next door. More about my daughter and son at a later time. This will be a photo journey with my Mom.

Dad and Mom in my early teens.
She loved her grandbabies!
This is Dad and Mom with our children as teenagers.
She hated having her photo taken and someone was ALWAYS sneaking up on her with a camera!
This makes me think she’s still with us!!
This grandbaby was probably/may be our daughter, Heather.
My mother-in-law, Mildred and my mom at our 30th wedding anniversary party.
Mom with children on her 75th birthday.
Mom with a few of her grandchildren on her 75th birthday.
Her siblings were with her on the 75th birthday!
Mom with her family that attended her 75th birthday! She’s on the front row sitting with her only living uncle at the time. It was the happiest day for all of us as a family and cousins came from several states to be with her!

Happy Mother’s Day mom in heaven!!

Mother’s Day 2019

Nothing special was planned this year for Mother’s Day mainly because of the weather but my beautiful children were with me for short visits throughout the day.  My day started with a big breakfast (which we have every day that I don’t work) and then Eddie presented me with my new engagement ring which was actually my old ring with a new stone and the band rebuilt and cleaned and my wrap cleaned and so sparkly!!!

Later in the morning my gorgeous daughter came to visit and she got me new cushions for the front porch furniture and a Bleeding Heart plant for my bell garden.

Red cushions for two of my porch chairs.

Two striped cushions for the other two chairs.

This flower garden is called the Bell Garden because all of the plants are surrounding an old dinner bell.

I needed one more Bleeding Heart in my bell garden and Heather got it before I could even shop for them.

Soon after her visit our son came to visit and brought me some roses to replace in my rose garden that the rabbits killed.

This one is a Sunsprite Yellow Floribunda.

This is a white Pascali

The third rose is a peach/pink/yellow Peace rose.

We had a wonderful visit with both of my babies that I would give my life for in a minute.  I well up with tears when I think about how blessed I am to have my wonderful children and the father that gave them to me!!!

Bluebird Houses

I’m trying to catch up on a lot of posts that I wanted to do and just now finding some time to do it.

On Mother’s Day my children and granddaughter presented me with some awesome gifts.

My son, Shawn, handmade me some new bluebird houses and the best part is he made them with his own hands.  Those are my most favorite gifts!!  It means they took the time to think about what I like and gathered it for me!

Birdhouses made by my son , Shawn, for Mother's Day!  He's putting his new garage to great use!

Birdhouses made by my son , Shawn, for Mother’s Day! He’s putting his new garage to great use!

My old birdhouses are starting to come apart and now they'll have condo's to live in!

My old birdhouses are starting to come apart and now they’ll have condo’s to live in!

I painted them and hubby hung them for me.  The purple martens are using them first but I think next spring the bluebirds will take possession.  Eddie hung them all around the garden and in one of the small apple trees and the birds are loving them.  My next post will show what my daughter presented me.DSCN6898 DSCN6897 DSCN6896 DSCN6895


Thank you Shawn Edward!!

Mother’s Day 2014

Mother’s Day was a whirlwind of activity.  My son and daughter came early and spent the entire day with us.  I also had friends from the office join us for lunch and we visited the babies, picked asparagus, walked a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  The day started for me at 6:00 a.m. and everyone was gone by 5:30.  Then,  hubby Sassy and I enjoyed some quiet time.
Heather and Shawn bought me beautiful cards and a push mower for the yard which I’ve wanted for two years and was going to buy in June.  It’s part of my new weightloss program.

New toy from my daughter.

New toy from my daughter.

Mother's Day card from my son.

Mother’s Day card from my daughter.

Mother's Day card from my daughter.

Mother’s Day card from my son.

Eddie made me a beautiful hanging flower table out of a old wagon wheel and bought flowers to go on it.  He had to have the kids help him hang it in the yard while I was preparing lunch for our other guests.  I absolutely love it and never thought for a minute he would re-purpose something like this.  I may be rubbing off on him! 😉

Antique saw blade will be inserted in the center of the table.

Antique saw blade will be inserted in the center of the table.

Antique wagon wheel re-purposed into a hanging flower table.

Antique wagon wheel re-purposed into a hanging flower table.

Not only did he build the table for me but he loaded it with plants that I’ll repot as soon as the cold snap passes this weekend.  He also went to the woods and brought me this beautiful bouquet of trillium.  The blossoms are so delicate and elegant, don’t you think?

Trillium from the woods behind the house.

Trillium from the woods behind the house.

They adorned our kitchen table where I served our guest and my family their lunch.  We’re going to try to transplant some to my shaded flower gardens later this week or next.  Hopefully with all the shade they’ll think they’re in the woods and thrive.  He also got me a beautiful card and all of my cards made me cry!!  I am so loved.

Hubby's card for my day!!

Hubby’s card for my day!!

To top the day, one of our gielbiev cows delivered a calf which was perfect for Mother’s Day.
I hope your Mother’s Day was as wonderful as mine.