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Stressed or just totally losing it!!

Did you ever wonder if you were totally losing your mind?  This has been a fairly stressful week for me.  Monday starts with hitting a deer on my way to work and tearing up my little silver car.  Tuesday finds me over-sleeping because my NEW clock has two alarms on it and I set the wrong one.  Wednesday is grand and hubby takes me out to eat that night.  Thursday my second car starts making a noise that is bad on the way to work but horrible on my way home.  I stop at the grocery store on the way home for a few things and I’m thinking about baby brothers birthday, the wrecked car, the wonderful night out the night before and I walk back to where I thought I parked my car when I got to the store and can’t find it.  I think to myself, “Okay, you’re in the wrong row and I walk up the next row, no car. ”  I go back to the row I thought I was initially in and start to panic.  I’m thinking, I have to go back in the store and let someone know that my car has been stolen and as I start back down the row I see my Blazer and then it dawns on me,  YOU idiot, the car is at home wrecked and you drove the Blazer.  I am so relieved!!!  First, I found the lost car!  Second, I  didn’t call the police and make a spectacle of myself!!  Third, you didn’t make a fool of yourself in front of anyone in the store or the parking lot!!!  Fourth, NO ONE around you at the moment knows your losing your mind!!!!  So, I unload my groceries, put the grocery cart back in the rack, get in my BLAZER and take a deep breath.  Then I remembered my daughter is having a rough week at work so I called her to maybe make her smile.   SMILE, she laughed hysterically and we both enjoyed my senior moment.   I asked  her to give me another chance and not make reservations for me in the “psyche-center” yet and  to at least  wait and give me another chance for a night’s rest and hopefully sanity will return!!

REMEMBER:  We all have those days occasionally!     Right??       Hello, is anyone out there?