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Hooked On a Book

I am so enthralled with the new book I’m reading that I wish the evening to fly by so I can have an excuse to go to bed and read myself to sleep.  It would be hard to convince most of  my friends that a quilting book could have love, mystery, suspense, history and comedy all rolled up in one book.    The Quilter’s Legacy is a combination of present day and early 1800’s and the time of the slaves.  Old quilts and a journal tell the story of slavery and quilting.  The story revolves around a family that comes to America to find a new life and . . .

Oh well, I don’t want to spoil the mystery so I’ll stop there but Jennifer Chiaverina is a wonderful author and the quilts described in the book are gorgeous!

Jennifer Chiaverini is a wonderful writer and she keeps me enthralled with everyone of her books.