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Coyote Trouble

Well the aggravating coyotes are terrorizing our livestock again.

Hubby caught this one in a snare on the fenceline of our property and neighbor where our cattle stay in the winter months.

Please don’t give us grief for killing the beast. When we’re trying so hard to make a living these day with our cattle, we do everything possible to save the calves born and then stolen away by these vicious animals.

Our area is full of them and they keep our dogs upset night and day but we don’t dare let them out to protect because a pack or even a large male coyote would tear our dogs to bits.

We had a professional hunter come in to hunt them but with no luck! These animals are so alert to the sounds the callers make and won’t come near them, so he was not successful in seeing or hearing them. This is why we and neighboring farms set snares for them.

We have heard in recent nights, three – four different packs in our area. There is no bounty and the wildlife officers are too busy with hunting violations to give any assistance so we do what we can on our own.

Belle is home!!!

We got the call from  the Johns Creek  area and the Huffman family yesterday afternoon around 5:00 p.m. to pick up Belle. She came in at the Nathan/George Canode place.  We just kept hoping we would see her coming down the path off the mountain but glad the Huffmans called us when she came in. Their girls were out playing in the field and Belle came to them.   They realized what bad shape she was in and knew we were looking for a dog.  They looked at the tag on her collar and took her straight to the house for Barbara to take care of and call us.  Hearing her message on the phone was the best thing I could have heard yesterday.

You won’t believe how bad Belle looks and you can count every rib in her body and her eyes are extremely week.  We warmed up some special food for her and put warm water in her bowl.  She was more concerned about curling up in that warm bed of extra heavy hay.  It’s been a week last night that she’s been out in the weather, no food and no shelter. I’m so glad she’s home!!   Dad sure is in a much better mood now that his girl is home!, too!  It’s going to take some time to get her back to the condition she was in when we lost her. She sure was glad to get in her warm bed and Eddie put her food bowl in her bed last night so she wouldn’t have to come out in the wind to eat. She wouldn’t be with us  this morning if she had spent another night in the cold that we had last night. It was 7* when we got up at 8:00 this morning, the ground is covered with snow again and the wind is howling.

I want to thank all of  you for helping us hunt for her and the prayers you sent to find her!!   Thank you everyone!!