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2020 Color To Help Make It Through the Winter

Happy New Year!!! It’s a dreary day here on the farm but these blooms give me hope and make me smile!

A bouquet of salmon iris
Peach rose
Pink rose
Blue iris
More roses

My seed catalogs are already getting very thin and worn!!! Hope you enjoy the color and that it helps you think pretty thoughts until spring!!


Blessings for 2017


On New Year’s Day and the whole year through, I hope the kindness you’ve given to others returns many times to you.   I wish you all peace and harmony in this New Year 2017!  May peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days.  

Most of all have a safe, happy and peaceful end to 2016!

Happy New Year


Graduation 2016

Our beautiful granddaughter has grown up and graduated from high school!  We’re all so very, very proud of her and know she can accomplish anything she sets her mind too when she wants to.  I want to share our evening watching her walk down the aisle and get that diploma.

Scholarship awarded

Scholarship awarded

Diploma from high school principal.

Diploma from high school principal.

Parents, Victoria, and maternal grandparents.

Parents, Victoria, and maternal grandparents.

She's holding it together pretty good!

She’s holding it together pretty good!

Victoria and her two best friends, Rachel and Amber.

Victoria and her two best friends, Rachel and Amber.

I leave my granddaughter with this quote from Steve Jobs:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

Victoria Elizabeth, we love you and are very proud of you!  Nana

Spring flowers on the farm





A pop of color all over the yard makes my heart sing and swell!!  I love flowers anytime of the year but these sure help get rid of the winter doldrums.  Spring is in full swing in our area and the cars are covered with pollen and the honeybees are so happy that we’ve already had our first bee swarm!  It left for the mountains before we could capture it.  Of course, the fruit trees in full bloom are helping them, too.




Easter lilies and wild hyacinth



Daylilies and huchera




Daffodils and columbine




Goldenseal in the backyard



Time to ourselves

This past weekend was special time for hubby and me.  We had the house and farm to ourselves for two nights and one day.  You see, almost five years ago my Mom passed away and my youngest brother, Dean, came to live with us full time.  Our family of two became three and no more privacy.

This “special t ime to us is very important.  Our kids left home at the same time and we had a little over six years by ourselves.  Ten years ago we moved to hubby’s uncle’s farm to take care of him because he  had Alzheimers and his caregiver passed away suddenly.  Hubby was his only living heir that could move in and take care of  him and the farm.  While he was doing this, he was also taking care of our small farm and his mother’s 200+ acre farm.  I was working full time to provide us with some extra cash and medical insurance.  We spent another five years with his uncle until he passed away.

Then we had about two years by ourselves again and cherished every moment of the time.  My Mom passed on and we took in my youngest brother who is mentally handicapped.  Our family of two turned into three.    This is why those  “special” weekends alone mean so much to us.  We don’t do anything any differently but just knowing that we can run around in our shorts(hubby) and nightie (me) gives us such a feeling of freedom.  Being able to sit and talk and not having someone in the next room listen to every word.  Until you have been through this it’s hard to grasp the feelings that I’m trying to put in words.

I guess the real reason behind my post is this:

Make every moment in your married life count, cherish each other, do things together!!!  Treat every moment as if it may be your last because there could always come a time when that shared time together won’t be there anymore or things could happen to change that couple into a “group” again.