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Jennie’s Christmas Quilt











Back in November I had asked my son for some ideas for his fiancée and he told me she love hand/homemade.  I knew she love green because she is a true Irish lady.  So I decided I would  piece together a quick quilt for my soon to be daughter-in-law, Jennie Olera Malone.  I knew I didn’t have much time to make a complicated one so I chose to do a simple stripe of most of the green fabric I had on hand.

I called a friend of mine that does machine quilting and asked her if we had time to get this ready for a Christmas gift and she assured me it would not be a problem.  She said if I had everything to her by the second week of December we would be in good shape and she would have it back to me by the week before Christmas.

I pondered over the look of the quilt to be pieced and what to use for a backing which I knew would have to be ordered.  After deciding what I wanted I went online to Joann’s thinking this would be my quickest option and should have it by the first full week of December.  WRONG!!!

I placed the order online on November 28th and didn’t get a confirmation until December 4th.  It was to be shipped FedEx from Michigan, okay this will work coming FedEx.  Long story short the fabric arrived on Christmas Eve and we had our Christmas get-together on Saturday before Christmas.  I took a picture of the pieced quilt and put a note with it in an envelope for Jennie under the Christmas tree.  This was not a very good first Christmas from the Caldwell family to her but I think she understands.

These are some pictures I took of the finished piecing and the quilting is underway at my friends.  I’m hoping Jennie will like it when she FINALLY receives the gift.

Jens Christmas Quilt 2015 (2)

I pieced the quilt with light and dark green fabrics.  It’s made to fit a king-sized bed with hangover on the sides and the length will hang over about a foot with room to tuck in pillows if she likes.

Jens Christmas Quilt 2015 (4)

Jens Christmas Quilt 2015 (5)

Jens Christmas Quilt 2015 (6)

Jens Christmas Quilt 2015 (3)

The backing will be solid and quilted with ivy quilting.  It’s also the fastest quilt I’ve ever put together.  I’m hoping to make everyone in the family a quilt this winter.

I’ve learned a great lesson from this.  I will not order from Joann’s online again but go to the store  and I will definitely avoid FEDEX!!


What to do with a chair

I have a regular wooden chair without a bottom and short legs that I salvaged out of an old building.  What to do?  What to do?

I think it needs some major cleaning, restoring and a SEAT!

I think it needs some major cleaning, restoring and a SEAT!

Short little green chair

Short little green chair

I hate to tease but the finished project will show up within the next thirty days!!  Any suggestions?  I don’t think you will recognize it.

The Essense of Green & Spring

Riding in to work this morning I was amazed at the many, many colors of spring.  The different colors of green alone is what inspired this post.  Remember those icky greenish brown cedar trees that were everywhere at Christmas and a pretty green was not to be found!!  This morning the cedar trees are a Phthalo green.  Trees just beginning to sprout out are a celery green.  The grassy fields and yards are a brilliant green.  The stems and leaves of daffodils and Easter lilies are a dark spring green.  The leaves popping out on weeping cherry trees are pistachio green.  The trees with white bloom are now polka-dotted with jade green in the small leaves peeping through the bloom.   This is just a few of the greens that emblazoned my eyes but the real spring colors are the lemon yellow of the daffodils, the blushing pink of the weeping cherry, the blazing gold of the forsythia and best of all the pink and azure blue sky with the sun making it so vivid.  The white in tulips and daffodils is a brilliant white.  All we need to make it perfect is a rainbow.  Spring is definitely a artist’s palette.    Enjoy the spring and take a walk in the woods or ride on a country road. Sit on the porch just before sunset and maybe if you’re lucky and it’s warm you’ll also hear the pee-toots announcing spring, as well.  Listen to the Canadian geese and their spring mating calls or the turkeys gobbling on the mountainside.  Or even better, just listen to the quiet and revel in it!!