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2017 Bucket List

My Bucket List for 2017

1st and foremost, meet my baby grandson that lives in New Jersey!

Declan Bryant on his first New Years Day!

Declan Bryant on his first New Years Day!

2nd Finish the snowman quilt and sampler quilt in my sewing room.

Block for Snowman quilt

Block for Snowman quilt

Blocks for Sampler Quilt

Blocks for Sampler Quilt

3rd  Dinner once a month for my kids at our house.

I love family meals!!

I love family meals!!

4th  Paint or have my living room renovated and painted.

5th  Clean up and clean out my laundry room which used to be the pump room/milk house that our ancestors used to keep the milk products really cold.

6th  Build up my rose garden.

The rose garden isn't very pretty in the winter time.                                  The rose garden isn’t very pretty in the winter time.

7th  Landscape my gazebo and put in a fire pit at the gazebo for nightly star-gazing!

Gazebo summer 2016

Gazebo summer 2016

8th  Move my chickens into their new abode.

9th  Have one more yard/estate sale at the mansion with my daughter.

Image may contain: indoor

2016 sale went quite well and we’ll have just as many treasures in 2017!

10th  Take a one-day road trip with hubby just to get away!

This doesn’t seem like a big list but finishing it within 12 months will be a huge undertaking.  Wish me luck!

It’s never too late to set some goals for the year

I’ve been thinking about posting my 2014 goals/resolutions for two months and procrastinated long enough so here they are:

2014 GOALS

  • Finish making the quilts I started in early 2012 & 2013
  • Teach myself to knit
  • Finish two cross stitch pieces I started more than five years ago
  • Make a baby quilt for a friend of mine and a friend of my son’s
  • REALLY clean my house
  • Build new bird/squirrel feeding station in the backyard this spring
  • Repair work to chicken house
  • Raise 24 new baby chicks
  • Read a book a month (I’m already behind on this one)
  • Write a letter to someone once a month
  • Organize and catalog all of my books and DVD’s
  • Re-upholster a wing back chair
  • Work/post more on my blog
  • Crochet new scarves and cowls
  • Re-pot all of my blooming cactus
  • Lose 10 more pounds
  • Weatherproofing on the gazebo
  • Clean up/out a house on the farm that’s used for storage
  • Learn how to weave on my new loom that I’ve had for three years.

With this said, I have enough to keep me busy all year and no time for being lazy.

Weight loss and near tragedy

I’m thrilled to announce that my change in lifestyle (food habits and exercise) has helped me lose 11 pounds so far.  My clothes are really loose and I feel better physically already.  I have until Christmas to meet my goal of 20 pounds and I was thrilled until yesterday afternoon.  I went to work and kept busy during my eight hours and then decided to go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and pickup some other items.  I’m sure you have seen the horrid pictures some people have posted on Facebook about the people who wear clothes that are way too small and things are showing that shouldn’t be showing.  Well folks, I’m here to tell you it’s time to stop posting those pictures.  By the end of my day my jeans has become so loose that I thought I was going to drop them at any turn.  It’s hard to push a buggy while filling it with groceries and holding up your pants.   I left the store without completing my shopping for fear showing my fanny in public!!  I ABSOLUTELY  DID NOT want to be the next photo you see on FACEBOOK!!!  I was trying to hold off on buying new clothes until Christmas but after that ordeal it’s time to go shopping for the next size down in jeans which would be a 14  😉   I’m thrilled with the weight loss and  thought washing my existing jeans in really hot water might save me some money and maybe two sizes in jeans.  This near tragedy in Wal-Mart is just not worth the embarrassment!!  Keep me in your prayers and leave those cameras and phones turned off, PLEASE!!!  More updates as I reach my goal!!

April goals

Yes it’s almost mid-month but I have some goals to complete before months end.  I always have high expectations of what I can complete in a two day weekend and that means I have six days to complete my goals.   Here’s the April goals:

1)  Clean out the fall/winter debris in the yard

2)  Transplant the hibiscus and shasta daisies to another location in the yard

3)  Clean all the flower beds and make ready for new additions

4)  Make 12 new blocks for the sampler quilt

5)  Start spring cleaning the bathroom, pantry and back porch

6)  Make new cushions for the lawn and porch furniture

7)  Set out 15 of the 30+ apple root stock and nine American chestnuts we started from seed.

8)  Finish planting the garden and flower seeds in the greenhouse

9)  Spring clean the guest room  (decided to start in the least travedled and used room)

10)  Clean the paddle boat and put it on the pond

I think this should keep me very busy for the rest of the month.  Since turkey season begins Saturday I should be able to start bright and early in the morning.