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Frustration, defeat, disappointment, letdown, thwarting, foiling, hindrance, hinderance, interference, annoyancy, chafe, vexation.  These are all synonyms for the way I felt by the end of the day yesterday.  At the end of the day I was so frustrated with myself that I could have cried.  I spent the majority of the day correcting one single form for the same thing that needed a different correction five times.  I just could not get it together.  I knew what I was doing but I was over analyzing it all day long.  Have you ever had those days?  Did you ever feel like dimentia or Alzheimers was creeping up on you way too soon?  Did you ever want to say “forget it, I’ve had enough”?  Did you ever wonder if some alien joined you during the night and ate up the portion of your brain that completes forms?  Yes, now I laugh!!!  BUT, I hope yesterday stays far, far away and today is the beginning of a brand new month of coherent thinking and organizing.   HAVE A VERY BLESSED DAY!!!!!!!!