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A Look At My Canning Season

I just came from the cellar and it’s unbelievable. The shelves are at full capacity on one wall. The other wall is reserved for empty jars and items we’ll can in the fall like juice and meat.

The picture doesn’t even show the pickles, jams and jellies but most of those are from the last two years.
This column is all types of beans and potatoes. I try to can any leftover potatoes from the prior year when we plant our new crop each year.
This column holds my cabbage, peaches, pumpkin (last year), sauces, kraut, and tomatoes.
Pickles, apple butter, maple syrup, jams and jellies from last year.
This is our potato bin which will hold over 12 bushel. This years crop will be the test of the strength and size of the bin because we have eleven rows to dig and store.
The opposite wall holds all of the empty canning jars and the middle shelf holds apple and grape juice, The bottom shelf will hold all of the venison I hope and plan to can.
Squash, canned and frozen
Beautiful carrots canned for soups and stews this winter. We didn’t raise the carrots, I caught five pound bags on sale and brought them home to can.
Cabbage for boiled and kraut.
Tomatoes for juice, sauces and whole for cooking.
Transparent applesauce and more to come in September and October.
Green beans, didn’t can too many because we had about 50 quarts leftover.
Fresh peaches were early and we have some late ones ripening now but they’re very small.

I could go on and on but the walk into the cellar to put my pizza sauce on the shelves just screamed “it’s time for another post.