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The Greenhouse

Greenhouse at the end of 2020 and preparing for winter!!

We added an additional tarp on top of this blue one back in November to protect my new hobby as much as possible from the wind and ice. We surrounded it with ropes and prayed!!

So far so good as of February 17, 2021 but there’s another storm headed our way tomorrow. This didn’t stop hubby and I from making some more plans for changes to the interior before April.

There will be new stair-step shelving on the two sides and we’ll bring the tables I used last year outside for “hardening off” before final planting in gardens and flower beds.

We’ve also looked at our early heating options which will be using propane tank top radiant heater with an addition of a indoor tarp to hold the heat closer to the plants instead of in the roof top. It’ll be a tarp that can be rolled up 8 ft. up on warm days and rolled back out before the weather cools in the evenings.

We’re going to use a AC converter to handle fan’s to push out the excess heat out the top of the east and west ends of the greenhouse. Last summer I lost so many plants due to not realizing how hot it gets in the greenhouse. I think the hottest day was 128* with the roof vents open.

I still got some gorgeous plants out just in time to produce and I learned some serious lessons on the work and expense of having a greenhouse. I’m looking forward to starting it up again and ordered most of the seeds and supplies I’ll need except for the potting soil which is next on my list!!

These two photos show the best I had when I really needed so much more in growth and germination.

Hopefully 2021 will be a better spring and gardening season!!

Spring Flower Garden Planning

This photo was taken end of summer 2018 and I’m planning big changes in this area for 2019.

Image result for coneflower


I’ve been working on my gardening journal the last couple nights and have almost got a layout and what flowers will go where when spring arrives.  I’m planning on having Cleome (Spider Plant), Coneflower and Hollyhock in the back corner.  First I will dig up all of the sedum and daylilies and move them to new places in the yard or outside the yard fence.

Image result for hollyhock


Cleome, Queen Mixed Colors, , large



Poppy Flower


Blue Columbine Songbird Bluebird, Aquilegia


Image result for lupine


I’ll plant 18 x 18 inch clusters of each of these three.  As I move to the front of the triangle I’ll plant 12-18 inch tall plants such as Columbine, Lupine and Poppies.


The columbine is already in the ground and one of my favorite perennials.  I also have primrose in the bed and they’re usually the first to bloom but the bloom doesn’t last too long so now I’m trying to find something to plant between each primrose plant to keep the garden blooming all year.

Can you tell I”m anxious for spring to get here and to dig in the dirt???

Memorial Day Weekend flower shopping

In a previous post I mentioned the flower shopping trip that my daughter and I took on Friday of Memorial Day weekend. It was so much fun spending the morning with her and grabbing a biscuit on the way from our favorite fast food restaurant (that I don’t go to anymore since my weight loss program started)! We had a very nice morning together and went to four different shops before heading home to the big job I was undertaking. First stop was Home Depot because of the magnificent sale they were having on their hanging baskets. I needed something to put in my gazebo and these fit the bill but will hang on my front porch until I get the wood protection painted on the interior and exterior.

Begonia baskets from Home Depot.

Begonia baskets from Home Depot.

Pinks, reds and white begonias.

Pinks, reds and white begonias.

I wanted some vines to grow up the gazebo that have blooms to attract more hummingbirds so I found two trumpet vines and a clematis.  They won’t grow a lot this year but in the coming years they’ll climb and protect the wood and the visitors to the gazebo.

Trumpet vines to put on the west and east sides of the gazebo.

Trumpet vines to put on the west and east sides of the gazebo.

Clematis in the center.  We thought it was a white one but it bloomed this week and their blue/purple.

Clematis in the center. We thought it was a white one but it bloomed this week and their blue/purple.



We came home with all kinds of plants and had such a pleasant morning together.  I love going anywhere with my girl!