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Farm building under repair

Hubby seems to always be repairing something on the farm.  Recently he’s been working on fences, hauling more limbs out of the fields from the winter winds and last years durachio.  We have lots of repairs to buildings to be completed due to time and lack of repairs before we inherited the farm.  Some buildings were beyond repair and have been torn down and cleaned up.  This week he started on the corn crib at the mansion.

Repairs made to back of corn crib.

Repairs made to back of corn crib.


The winds wreaked havoc on the roof of this building and some of that will be replaced in the coming weeks and some will be pulled down and screwed down to prevent further wind damage.  The front of the crib is in fairly good shape but this end needs new support at the bottom which you can tell has sunk.

West side of the mansion corn crib and work to be done.

West side of the mansion corn crib and work to be done.

This side of the crib has an addition on it for storing equipment and is in really bad shape.  First we have to get the old bulldozer out of it and take it to the scrap yard and then we’ll begin the work of repairing the side of the building.  We’ll us it for storing the lawnmowers, tiller, and other small equipment in the winter months.  The other side of the building holds the backhoe and is in good shape.  It doesn’t suffer the west winds and rain like the side you see above.

Here’s some of the fencing that has been completed by Hubby and our daughter in the last few weeks since it’s warmed up.





More tree limbs to pick up

more pecan trees

Eddie and Sassy repairing fence

Damage to chestnut trees

There’s always something to do on the farm and never any time to be bored!!


Summer storm to remember

We had a major wind storm with some hail behind arrive at our home last night around 8:30.  We lost power for only four hours and most of the county is still without power.  I’m including some photos of the damage we found today.  We are safe but will be cleaning up the aftermath for several weeks.

God was watching over and kept us safe.  The trees, hay, buildings and fences can be repaired and as I said before that are others in the county a lot worse off than we are!

Work, work, work!!

It’s the time of year when the farm is on the way to being very busy,  not only with cleaning up from winter and gardening a little but also for preparing for next winter.

There’s filling the wood house with enough firewood to last through the worst of winter’s even it doesn’t come to fruition.

You can never be sure!  So, prepare, prepare, prepare!!

Mowing, raking and baling enough hay to keep the cattle fat and happy through a rough winter when they’re carrying prospective new babies.

We’re always mending and replacing fences and cleaning up line-fences (fences bordering neighbors).  Gates get in disrepair and have to be changed.  Fence posts after so many years will rot off at the top of the ground and they’ll need to be replaced.  Did I mention deer running through the fences and making openings where none should be while a predator  (coyote) is chasing them?  These all need to be watched and corrected all year long to keep your cattle where they’re supposed to be and keep your neighbors happy.

Building fences, sheds, working pens and more can run into loads of money.  One way that we are able to cut some of those costs is to go into our woodland and cut mature trees, saw into 8′, 10′ and 12′ logs, haul them out of the woods and have a neighbor with a portable sawmill come to the farm and saw our logs into lumber.  Our woodland has lots of mature  oak and pine perfect for the job and if you leave them in the woods they will fall and rot.  We’re returning the logs to the farm in the way of lumber.

I’ve decided this post will go on forever so for time and adventure I will save the rest for several segments of “Work, work, work!  Until then, look around your day to day life and re-evaluate the work you do for your family.  When you break it down like this, it’ll be very gratifying but may make you tired too!!