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Work Week Has Ended

It’s good to get back to normal and on a regular schedule. My work week is over and now I’ll concentrate on my home and some projects.  I would like to finish my bathroom rug this afternoon and tonight.  I’ve crocheted two more dishcloths this week and now I have all the threads need to start a new cross stitch project.

Project for tonight is to complete the other half of my crocheted bathrug. It’s made of cotton and will wash up good each week in the laundry. I plan to make three of these to replace a few of my very worn rugs used in there now.

I’m using three different thread colors for my dishcloths and can normally make a 9″ one in a night while watching TV.

My crochet project is coming from this booklet which I bought new in 1985.

My project station is right beside my chair in the living room. It’s also my writing station. I plan to send out at least one letter/card a week in 2019.

Knit dishcloths

My very special friend in Maryland sent me a wonderful gift a few weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you.  She has sent me several surprises over the last few years and everyone has been wonderful.  She knows me so well!!



Margaret is a knitter and I want to be.  For years she has been making my favorite dish cloths.  I recently got a package from her and this is what was in it.

A entire stack of cotton knitted dishcloths.

An entire stack of cotton knitted dish cloths.

Hand knitted dishcloths that are the perfect size for my hands and they last forever (almost)!

Hand knitted dish cloths that are the perfect size for my hands and they last forever (almost)!

The day they arrived the last one she made me about four years ago fell apart and I just about had a heart attack.  My beautiful friend made these for me when she was recovering from a blood clot or two that normally kills people.  This happened right after we had come back from our “First Annual Girls Trip”.  Margaret is a miracle  and my best friend.  I’m so glad that God has allowed her to stick around so she can keep me straight and make me laugh until my jaws hurt.

Margaret, thank you and I love you, ladybug!!