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Spring Flower Garden Planning

This photo was taken end of summer 2018 and I’m planning big changes in this area for 2019.

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I’ve been working on my gardening journal the last couple nights and have almost got a layout and what flowers will go where when spring arrives.  I’m planning on having Cleome (Spider Plant), Coneflower and Hollyhock in the back corner.  First I will dig up all of the sedum and daylilies and move them to new places in the yard or outside the yard fence.

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Cleome, Queen Mixed Colors, , large



Poppy Flower


Blue Columbine Songbird Bluebird, Aquilegia


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I’ll plant 18 x 18 inch clusters of each of these three.  As I move to the front of the triangle I’ll plant 12-18 inch tall plants such as Columbine, Lupine and Poppies.


The columbine is already in the ground and one of my favorite perennials.  I also have primrose in the bed and they’re usually the first to bloom but the bloom doesn’t last too long so now I’m trying to find something to plant between each primrose plant to keep the garden blooming all year.

Can you tell I”m anxious for spring to get here and to dig in the dirt???

Update on flower gardens disaster

One of my first posts was about the disaster I had last year with my flower beds and the nasty “Weed & Feed” junk that I killed EVERYTHING with. Well, God has blessed me with a few more brains this year and I decided to post some of the flower results this year has given and their not even half to capacity yet. No more talk, just photos:

Enough for today! I’ll do a follow up post when the yard is in full bloom. The hostas and daylilies survived the torture I put them through last year and the old roses made a come back but the new one’s I’m afraid are gone forever!