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Tired of my body and clothes!!

Relaxing on the dock in 2010

Relaxing on the dock in 2010

On August 26th, I contacted my PA and told her I needed to do something about my body weight and how I feel about myself!  She scheduled me an appointment that week and we talked a few minutes and she told me that my weight had not changed since 2010 and I was shocked it took me almost four years to see how bad it was in my mind!!  She checked me over and then she introduced me to a lovely lady by the name of Lori!!  Lori is now my weight coach and main cheerleader.  It’s fun to talk to her and her encouragement is priceless.  In the last six weeks my habits have changed drastically as far as my eating and exercise and I’ve lost nine pounds.   NO, NO PICTURES!!  EMBARASSING!

I now eat a good breakfast (none to speak of before except on weekends), yogurt, raw vegies, salad, cheese sticks for lunch and our normal supper but smaller servings and only one serving and the biggy NO SWEET TEA EVERY DAY AND NO EATING AFTER 7:00 P.M.!!!    I do treat myself to something sweet once a week but not cake and ice cream and definitely no chips/snacks while watching TV at night.  I’m keeping my hands busy with crocheting, recipes and my digital cookbook or housework 😦 !!

I started out walking 30 minutes a day which I wasn’t doing at all before and rarely got any exercise except for the weekends cleaning house and doing laundry!!  The first four weeks I walked everyday for 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on what was going on at work or home.  The last two weeks I’ve been rushing home to bowhunt which means walking into the house, pick up the bow and bag, hubby drive me to my stand and drop me off, set there until almost dark and hubby picks me up and we go home to supper.  It’s dark and can’t/won’t walk by myself!  Needless to say, instead of dropping two pounds a week, I’m only dropping one pound or none.

After meeting with Lori yesterday, I’ve decided to set my reminders on my work Outlook calendar to remind me twice a day to walk 15 minutes rain or shine and then do some other exercise once I’m home.  I was really disappointed yesterday when I went for my two-week weigh in and only lost two pounds so it’s time to get serious and make the changes and stick to it!!  What you must know first is I love to cook and I love to eat what I cook.  My hubby is an excellent cook and his feelings are hurt if I don’t eat.  He now knows though that to meet my goal of losing 30 pounds means eating smaller amounts and he has been giving me these cute looks if he sees me heading for those sweet things that I love to make and EAT!

I have my personal cheering team here at work and my family at home but could use your prayers and pep talks as I go for twenty pounds by Christmas!!  I would like to get back to this point 20 years ago.

Me in the late 80's.

Me in the late 80’s.