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Shingles and . . .

not the kind that goes on a roof!!!

Shingles rash on the upper right thigh.

I’ve been out of touch for several weeks with a pain that is so hard to describe and had my entire family scared to death. On June 12th, Eddie took me to the emergency room with severe pain in my lower back with I had four three days that was getting worse no matter what I tried to relieve it. It was constant and more on my right side but extended to both sides of my lower back and down my right leg to my knee. It continued as spasms and took my breath away.

While in the emergency room everyone kept asking me what kind of pain it was and how severe while I sat on the bed with tears and gasping with every spasm. At that time, I only had a dime size place on the outside of the right thigh and didn’t bother to tell the doctor or nurse. Why? Because that week I had been thoroughly cleaning out all of my flower beds (can’t tell it now), washing the floor, wall and ceiling of my front porch, hauling plant trays in and out of the greenhouse to acclimate to the sun & wind before planting, and all of my normal household chores. I thought I had a pinched nerve in my back. I could not sleep or eat it was so painful and I lost 10 pounds during the episode (good thing but never like that again)! The emergency nurse started me on two painkillers and a pain patch, with no relief they gave me two more painkillers and this started the nausea. Try to imagine throwing up with back spasms! Still no relief and was sent to technician for a CT scan to rule out kidney stone, appendix issue and something else I can’t remember and everything was clear in the CT scan. I got back to my room where Eddie was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs!! I got morphine in my intravenous port and then the vomiting started and no one could figure out why (duh!!). I had to tell them the drugs were making the nausea worse! The doctor finally came in to witness what was happening and diagnosed me with a herniated disc and go home and use ice packs for fifteen minutes every hour and gave me oxycodone and muscle relaxers. He told me to see my PCP as soon as I could get an appointment, told him I already had that appointment on Monday. I came home and went straight to bed with Eddie making sure I had a bucket, blankets (I was freezing to death), ice packs but no meds for two days because I was throwing up so much!!!

My daughter took me to the PCP appointment on Monday and she told my nurse practitioner about everything that had happened up to that point and showed her my rash which had grown to quarter size and screaming red and more rash was coming all over the thigh. I was then diagnosed with shingles but she also wanted me to see an orthopedic doctor (this was another fiasco that made me feel like a leper) and get the results of the CT scan from the ER. She got me turned around and five weeks later I’m almost 100% and no pain for two weeks. The rash is almost gone during the worst part of the ailment I could not stand for anything to touch my upper leg. The leg still has tingling and strange numbness which I may have for some time.

In March of 2020 I was planning to get the shingles vaccine but postponed due to the scare of Covid-19. Believe me, as soon as the doctor says it’s okay, this old girl is getting that shingles vaccine. PLEASE if you’ve had chickenpox, make an appointment NOW to get the shingles vaccine!!! I had always heard shingles was very painful but never dreamed I would have such misery! Childbirth was a breeze compared to this virus!!