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Kitchen Redo

This summer our home has been a work in progress project for me.  I’ve wanted my living room and kitchen painted for two or three years but haven’t had the courage to start the painting myself like I used to.  I just didn’t have the energy!  When hubby asked last December what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas I told him I wanted professionals to paint the living room for me.  The darling man told me to find who I wanted to paint and to get a quote for doing our master bedroom ceiling (I painted the walls last year), living room and the kitchen!  I was so excited so I called my favorite painter in the county in May and Eddie approved the quote he gave us!!  Pallette Painting started the job on September 29th and finished the following weekend!  It looked fabulous, clean and bright!  It took another week to get everything put back together and I’m one happy camper!!!  Here are before and after pictures:

Dingy white walls and ceiling in the living room.

I covered the walls with all kinds of decor to cover the dingy paint.

It’s hard to see in this picture the dark paneling that was around this corner of the kitchen.

Big furniture pieces in the kitchen also made it dark!







Bare in mind that our wonderful home has been in the family for almost 200 years and we have lived in it since 2002 and I’ve only painted it once.  I clean a lot but you can only do so much.

The living room is small but comfortable and has a wood stove in it for heating it and our bedroom.  The kitchen is huge and  has clapboard on one end of the room, wide wood boards on the other three walls with two different kinds of paneling halfway up the walls.  I LOVE MY KITCHEN!  It’s dark due to an enclosed side porch on the east side and a family room on the west side.  I need and want lots of light!!!  Here’s what I got:

The living room looks brighter to me but also very cozy!

I think the pale blue sits off the brick behind the stove.

Less “stuff” on the walls in the living room and kitchen which means less dust to get rid of.

Pale, pale blue for the walls and extra white for the trim and doors. Snow white ceiling.

No more ugly paneling, waiting on some shelves hubby is making for the kitchen and it’s so awesome!

Think I’ll just live in this room!








I am a happy camper and love my old farmhouse very much!