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I Think We’re Done

I can’t get a good photo of the entire cellar so this will do.
This is the inventory of the canning that we did this year.

It’s been a long time since we had a fruit crop of any kind but these beautiful pears topped the list.
We got four canners of venison so far from the two deer I’ve killed. The rest will go in the freezer.
Lots of yellow tomatoes but no juice this year.

Unless I find a great buy on sweet potatoes, I think we’re finished with the canning for 2021! My family should get fat from our produce!!

11 bushel of potatoes
Apples, peaches, pears, rhubarb, we had it all!
Had to brag a little on myself with this 8-pointer I got the first week of bow season!!

Surveying Cellar Food Stores_Preparing the Garden Site

The Cellar

The Cellar

I just took some empty jars to the cellar and took an accounting of what is left from summer 2016 canning.

Full shelves from canning season 2016!

They were completely full in October but now supplies are dwindling!

We have a huge pile of potatoes leftover and will probably sell them in the coming months.  I’ll can about 15-20 quarts but the rest will go in the garden for seed and we’ll eat some more until they start sprouting.  They’re bakers and peeling size and have been so good throughout the winter.

Hubby has plowed the garden and we’re hoping we’ll get some spring rain on it before we disk it up for planting.

We use the Kubota tractor for plowing.

Our garden site has very rich soil and always produces more than we can eat and preserve.

It also seems to get bigger each year!!!  This year we’ll plan the usual crops of green beans, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, broccoli, brussel sprouts, melons, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and in the fall some turnips and field greens.

Hope your planting season is grand and praying we have an abundant season this year.  In the coming weeks I’ll be cleaning off the various asparagus patches we have and watching the rhubarb show its sprouts already.  I had six grape vines started new last year and they all survived but one.  I bought this red grape to replace it.

It’s a red seedless grape and I love them. Hope they get as large as the one’s we buy in the grocery but know it will be a couple of years before that happens.

We also went to Food Lion yesterday and bought three dwarf apple trees for the orchard at the mansion.

Dwarf red delicious – once this starts bearing fruit we’ll take cuttings from it and graft to some new root-stock or some wild apple trees we find every year on the farm that we’ll transplant to the orchard.

Dwarf yellow delicious-dwarf trees don’t last as long as standard trees but they give you fruit quicker.

This is a dwarf McIntosh which is hubby’s favorite. We have one tree in our large orchard but it’s really old and we lose an old standard about every year.

This is the mansion orchard where the dwarf trees will be planted. The pond is close by and a mountain spring runs through it to make for easy watering.

Last years grape arbor is where the new red grape will be planted and is right beside our garden.




Old taters in a jar

We have about two bushel of our 2014 potatoes left over and they’re so good!  BUT, the cellar is warming up a little bit and the potatoes are sprouting and the smaller ones are getting a little soft.  We don’t want to lose any of them so decided we would can them.

Hubby brought them up to the front porch yesterday afternoon and I started peeling them.  I’ll sit on the front porch and do just about anything in the summer time. It’s just so peaceful!

This batch was a milk crate full.

Sprouting potatoes

Sprouting potatoes

The chickens won't eat potato peelings but sometimes the cows will.

The chickens won’t eat potato peelings but sometimes the cows will.

They're not real soft yet and peeled real quick.  I got enough for two canners.

They’re not real soft yet and peeled real quick. I got enough for two canners.

After peeling all of them and scrubbing them, I diced them into about 1 inch chunks and packed them in quart jars.

I smell potato soup this winter!

I smell potato soup this winter!

This is the first canner full and they came off the stove at 10:30 and I went to bed along with Eddie and Sassy! :)

This is the first canner full and they came off the stove at 10:30 and I went to bed along with Eddie and Sassy!  🙂

This morning we took them out of the canner before I left for work and Eddie was going to put the second canner on to process after I left.  We got 14 quarts out of a 1/2 bushel milk crate.  The coming winter will be bountiful with potato soup, shepherd’s pie, fried potatoes, buttered potatoes, and much more.  There’s not much that goes to waste on our farm.  If we can’t give it away, we can or freeze it while we wait for the next garden to come in!!

14 quarts all sealed and ready for the cellar

14 quarts all sealed and ready for the cellar

Aren't they beautiful??

Aren’t they beautiful??