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Visitors View of the Farm

My daughters very good friend from Norfolk VA came to visit over the weekend for her birthday. Ashley and Heather grew up together in elementary school and only recently have they found each other again and I’m so glad they did!  Ashley loves it here as much we do and as much as most of our visitors do. I thought I would share with you our farm through Ashley’s eyes.

Ashley bought herself a new camera for her birthday and there were quite a few times when I looked out she was laying on her belly in the grass getting up close and personal!

The Farm

Purple marten heaven in our grape arbor.

View from the front porch where she sat most of the day when she and our daughter weren’t out walking.

Perfect spring day but so windy and cool.

Mountain Laurel blooming in Craig County and on the farm.

Ms Hen and our first hatch of the year.

Potting table full of herb pots ready to be filled.

It was quite fun watching Ashley herd chickens up the hill so the dogs wouldn’t find them. She has a beautiful corgi named Evan and a pitbull named Harper!

This is one of many pictures she took of the bunnies. We have fourteen little ones this spring.

Our big red barn at the entrance of the farm.

Beautiful buttercups grabbed at her heart strings.

Ashley loves all animals but became quite attached to this one.