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A Good Day To Blog

Actually every day is a good day to blog UNLESS you’re so busy with priority jobs such as canning, fencing, cooking, cleaning and all of the less fun things that MUST be done. I love to write but find less and less time to do it. It clears my mind and reminds me of what all has been keeping me occupied.

Yesterday the temps here at 4:00 in the afternoon hit 100* and I don’t think anyone should be out in that heat!! Today is supposed to be more of the same so I plan to freeze corn today INSIDE and post as many stories as I possibly can to try to catch up with myself!!

Hope you have an amazing day and stay cool!!

Back with a vengeance!

I apologize for being out of touch and hope to catch up with a bunch of posts from the past few months!  Between family, the house and the farm, I’ve been a little tied up!

I still love my new job that started in July and miss the folks I worked with before.  My husbands mother passed away in September and we took in his sister.  My brother has had some serious health issues but everything turned out great.  I’m so blessed to have the children we have.  The summer and fall were spectacular.  Hunting season was a near miss.  My weight goals are still a challenge.  All of these things will come out in a post in the next few weeks.

Glad to be back and have not missed any of the posts from fellow bloggers.  You have kept me sane!!

It’s never too late to set some goals for the year

I’ve been thinking about posting my 2014 goals/resolutions for two months and procrastinated long enough so here they are:

2014 GOALS

  • Finish making the quilts I started in early 2012 & 2013
  • Teach myself to knit
  • Finish two cross stitch pieces I started more than five years ago
  • Make a baby quilt for a friend of mine and a friend of my son’s
  • REALLY clean my house
  • Build new bird/squirrel feeding station in the backyard this spring
  • Repair work to chicken house
  • Raise 24 new baby chicks
  • Read a book a month (I’m already behind on this one)
  • Write a letter to someone once a month
  • Organize and catalog all of my books and DVD’s
  • Re-upholster a wing back chair
  • Work/post more on my blog
  • Crochet new scarves and cowls
  • Re-pot all of my blooming cactus
  • Lose 10 more pounds
  • Weatherproofing on the gazebo
  • Clean up/out a house on the farm that’s used for storage
  • Learn how to weave on my new loom that I’ve had for three years.

With this said, I have enough to keep me busy all year and no time for being lazy.

LAZY or Busy!! Excuses, excuses!

First, let me apologize for being to involved in my life, busy, lazy, tired, and just plain “not in the mood” to post new blogs but I will try to make up for it in the next two days.

I have so much to tell everyone and rather than a long post, you’ll be seeing lots of small ones.  I’m off from work yesterday and today due to the snow storm that hit Virginia and we got almost 20″ by the time it was all over.

Watch for the new posts coming today and throughout the weekend.

Stay warm and dry!!


My car disappeared under the snow during the night.

My car disappeared under the snow during the night.