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Burlap Wreath

I made my first ever burlap wreath yesterday and it turned out really fluffy.


First try and it only took about 15 minutes to complete just the wreath.

First try and it only took about 15 minutes to complete just the wreath.

The wreath was very simple to make by using a wire wreath and burlap.  I used this link to watch a two-minute tutorial:  https://www.burlapwreath.com/how-to-make-a-burlap-wreath/.  It’s so simple and to think I’ve been putting this off since last fall because I didn’t know if my brain could handle one more thing in it.

I wanted to do something patriotic for the front porch but this was just a little too plain so I decided to add a little more red, white and blue.

Simple, yet elegant!!  July 4th, bring it on!!!

Simple, yet elegant!! July 4th, bring it on!!!

Elegant yet country, don’t ya think!  Now I need to come up with some just as patriotic at our mailbox at the end of the driveway that won’t get blown away by the storms like we’ve been having! Oh well, I’ve got nine days to come up with something!

The brain is already full of ideas for the fall and winter and have you seen the different colors of burlap out now???  It’s amazing!!  Happy crafting!!



Crafty morning

I started the morning with some relaxing crafting which was SUPPOSED to be a room clean-up!  Needless to say I got distracted!

I have wanted a new wreath near the front door for a while so I decided to make a wreath that can move to my guest room during the fall when I put out a fall wreath.

Here’s my creation:



I took a simple straw wreath  (on sale for $1.17) and and wrapped with with burlap (on sale for $2.00) .  I had purchased one large bunch of silk flowers ($5.00).  I used my wire cutters to cut the flowers off the big stem leaving a three to four inch stem to work with.  I used floral picks (had too long to remember the price) to attach the flowers to the wreath.  I took a six inch piece of 1/2″ satin ribbon and tied good knots on each end, criss-crossed them and attached to the back of the wreath and “wallah”  I have a new pretty to dress up the entry way.    The flowers were chosen to match the red and purple flowers I have growing this year.

Peppermint rose

Peppermint rose

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I’m pretty darned tickled with all of them!!  Have a wonderful day!!