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Easy as pie egg-blowing but not for children!!!

DSCN2827Over the last three years, I’ve found all sizes of eggs that the hens have left for me but the little guys in the photo above are real treasures.  I use them throughout the house as decorations.  I use them in my antique egg crate in the kitchen.

Antique egg crate & chickens

Antique egg crate & chickens

I use them in bird nests for decorations and wreaths.  The best part is I found a very easy way to get the whites and, if any, yolks out of the eggs so they won’t rot and become a nasty odor for the room they’re in.  I used to take a large sewing needle and gently drill a hole in the both ends of the egg and blow it out but that took time and a lot more breath than I have nowadays.  You will want to use the following method when there are no children around just to be on the safe side and you’ll understand what I’m talking about once you see the tool I use.

DSCN2831We keep these syringes on hand for giving the animals they’re worm shots and other vaccines when needed.  The tips of those needles are very, very sharp.

DSCN2832The needle point should be small and I can’t remember the gauge we use but if you ask at your local farm store, ask for the gauge to use on small animals such as cats and dogs.

First step is to make sure your eggs are clean and NOT old.  The syringe comes in three parts: needle, syringe base and plunger.  Next push the plunger as far in the base as possible (after you put the needle in the base).  Gentle holding the egg and careful how you place the needle, gently push the needle into the large end of the egg (you will be surprised how easily it goes in the shell, no drilling).  Hold the egg in one hand, positioning  the egg over the hand holding the needle.  I apologize for not having a photo to explain but it’s hard to take a picture and do this at the same time.  Try to picture your fists folded and one fist on top and one fist on the bottom (make sense?).

The next step is to keep the needle in the egg and gently pull the plunger out to the end of the base.  You’ll see the clear white of the egg pull into the syringe. Pull the entire syringe out of the egg and push the plunger back into the base pushing the egg white into a dish or some kind of container.  I usually do this over the kitchen sink and let the running water wash it down the drain.  Do this whole procedure again until you feel you have gotten the white entirely out of the egg.

After emptying the last bit out of the syringe, fill the syringe with water (it’ll suck out of a glass of water w/a touch of dish detergent or bleach really easy).  Put the syringe back in the egg  and fill it with the water (gently) and pull it out and emptying the sink again.  I usually do this four or five times just to make sure it’s clean and make sure you entirely get all the water solution out of the egg.  Repeat the cleaning as many times as you feel it takes to clean the egg.  Set your little egg up to air dry for several days and where it won’t get knocked off and broken.  I store them in an egg carton until I’m ready to use them in my decorations.   This is so much easier but you just have to be careful using the needle.

These are some of the eggs I’ve used with this tool: