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Cold & Flu Season

It’s that time of year again and flu season has hit my area hard. Everyone you talk to is getting a cold, sinus issues or the flu, even pneumonia.

I’ve heard it said in the past that if we could get a really cold winter it would kill a lot of the germs in the air.  I think this is an old wives tale.  This winter for us has been the coldest I’ve recorded since 2014 and yet so many people, young and old, have or had the flu.  My sister-in-law was quarantined to her apartment at the retirement home where she lives for two weeks and their meals were brought in by nurses.  The first week she had a cold and the next week everyone in the facility was quarantined due to the flu and pneumonia.  She is well now but anxious to get out of her apartment.


Last year I started using a cleaner in my house on all the doors, windows, the kitchen and bath that I think has helped us from getting anything along with the fact that we haven’t gone out in public much.  My cleaner is a version of Clorox Cleanup.   Here is what you will need:

1/2 cup of bleach

2 1/2 cups of water

Industrial strength spray bottle

Mix together in the spray bottle and use a clean cloth to wipe all the germs away.Houseables Spray Bottle Cleaner, Plastic, 24 Oz. Professional Sprayer, Adjustable Nozzle, Pack of 3

NOTE: You must have an industrial spray bottle because the bleach will deteriorate the pump sprayer in just a few uses. I bought three of the bottles because I also use them for other homemade cleaners I use on a daily basis. Here’s the link to the ones I purchased:


I hope everyone stays healthy and warm.  We’re having another cold snap with frigid air and only an inch of snow but by the weekend we’re told it’ll be in the 50* range again.