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New Chicks Growing

Unbelievable how fast these little birds grow!

I haven’t released them from their birthing box yet, waiting on the latest cold front to push through. She’s a good mama but I know she will dragging them through the cold, wet grass. Just a little chill will kill them regardless of all that mama does, so for now they’re safe in the little coop.

Until they can get on the ground I’m feeding them tender grasses with roots attached, starter/grower, old-fashioned oats from the kitchen, small worms I find around their coop, fresh water and a chunk of cantaloupe from the table (they gobble it up quick).

Up front with mama is Nora on the left and Marigold on the right. Elle is standing in the little feed pan behind them.

Once they’re out of the coop I’ll be able to get better pictures of the little ones!

Elle and Nora are always first to come when mama chatters “Soups On”

On another note, the other two hens did not hatch at all. Probably in the next couple weeks I’ll have to go pick out some bitties at the farm store to raise on my own but MUST wait for the weather to calm down.

Hens and chicks and chicks and hens

My egg crop is dwindling these days because someone or should I say several of my ladies have decided to be “mommies” too!!  This lady hatched two little ones about two weeks ago.

Black Americana cross with two little chicks.

Black Americana cross with two little chicks.

Then this lady fought me tooth and nail everyday when I tried to stop her broody situation and alas, she won out!  She’ll hatch next Monday if all goes well.

My white hen-broodiest of them all!

My white hen-broodiest of them all!

Ten days later little red hen got real grouchy and tried to peck me every time I caught her on the nest.  I decided there was room enough for a few more chicks in the hen-house so I set her too.

Little red hen; she's really not so little and lays beautiful brown eggs.

Little red hen; she’s really not so little and lays beautiful brown eggs.



Daddy to all!

Daddy to all!

This may be his last year with the harem if we don’t get better hatches than the previous two were.  Two out of nine eggs hatching is not great odds. He dpes have his own special ladies but you’d think he could spread the love around.   Plus, there’s no eggs coming from these ladies while they’re setting and raising their young.   We’ll see how things go and give progress reports as the summer rolls on.  Now I have to figure out how to stop two more hens that have decided they like this kind of life as well!!

Bitties are growing

Our first chicks of the year are growing fast and their fuzz has turned to pin feathers.  Of the three, two are alive and well.  The little white one got under the grit pan when mom was scratching in the floor material and then he couldn’t get out.  By the time I found her she was gone.  😦   The other two are growing fast and forage all over the farm just like Mom.DSCN5117



Crow and her month old bitties.

Crow and her month old bitties.


Free ranging with mom.

Free ranging with mom.


In about 10 more days, we’ll have another hatch by this lady.

Black Americana hen that was born last year.  She has 10 eggs under her and we're hoping for a larger hatch than Crow had.

Black Americana hen that was born last year. She has 10 eggs under her and we’re hoping for a larger hatch than Crow had.

Updates later and watching for the next broody mother.

Little fluffs of down

Almost four weeks ago I had a little black hen get broody on me and she kept filling up nests with her body when I needed hens that were laying eggs in them.  She is a bantam cross that was given to me by a couple that had to move to the city.  She’s a good layer but of small eggs.  I decided to “set” her on six eggs of my choice and size.  I only felt comfortable putting six eggs under her because of her size and the size of the eggs I wanted hatched.  I had no trouble putting her in the “setting room” of the main hen house and she diligently stayed on the nest.

Last Saturday she gave me four new little fluffs of down and she is a very fiesty mother. One egg wasn’t fertile of the six I put under her and the other little one just couldn’t get out of the shell quick enough.  I will leave them in the “setting room” until this next round of cold rain moves through and then let Mom take them into the big girls quarters.  I hope they’re all litle hens and no roosters in the bunch!!