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Images of fall without pictures

As I rode into work this morning the temperature was hovering between 39* and 41*.  Fall is definitely in the air and I thought about this post without pictures.  See if you can picture it as I drive along!

The pond in our front yard as I drive out the lane is billowing wispy white fog.  The blue gray sky has hints of pink and red on the horizon.   The golden rod is such a stunning gold and waving in the light breeze.  The new baby fall calves are huddling close to Mom and nursing to warm their little bellies.  A gaggle of Canadian geese sail off the pond and head for new ground to eat before their migration if they decide to leave the county at all.  The maple trees are tinted with gold, orange, yellow and red and the dogwood are blazing red with their changed leaves and full of red berries.  I pass fields full of white yarrow, boneset, catnip and milkweed.  Those are alongside the beautiful yellow black-eyed susan, hawkweed, woodland sunflower, and the many types of goldenrod.  Mix all of these with the purple joe-pie weed, wild aster, vervain and blue chicory.  Imagine a acre field of orange touch me nots and the wild turk’s cap lily growing along the roadside and into the valleys between each ridge you drive through.  I even spot a few touch of bright red cardinal flower along the roadside.  The air is cool and brisk and you can see your breath and the breath of the cattle and deer grazing as you drive by.  They blend in with the tall brown grasses this time of year as do the coyotes out looking for a quick meal without being spotted.  God has truly blessed us with this vision of nature.  Hope you enjoyed the peaceful and beautiful ride into work this morning.

Have a very blessed day!!


Fall Color

I’m so looking forward to fall and the beautiful colors that come with it.  To make my wait a little less painful I thought I would share these photos of past autumns at the farm.  ENJOY God’s beautiful artwork with me!

Fall means cider time and Sassy is guarding the apples!