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New Read

Fern Michael’s is at the top of my reading list at the moment and I have listened to several of her audiobooks in the last few months when traveling to see my brother and going to my cleaning jobs.  She makes me laugh, keeps me enthralled with every word and spins quite wonderful tales of a “sisterhood of women” executing justice for those taken advantage of.  The following are only three that I recommend and think any woman will enjoy!  For more of her books that I have read and rated check out my GoodReads site at


Future updates to come!  Read a book and take yourself to a good place!

Weekend Warriors (Sisterhood, #1)4950088057

The Collection Must Go

While contemplating spring cleaning, I have decided that I need to get rid of a lot of the collections I have including books, audio books and dolls.  Down-sizing will free up some space and cut down on my dusting which is always a good thing!!!

I have been a collector of beautiful dolls for over 25 years.  All of my dolls were expensive dolls with porcelain bodies and dressed in beautiful costumes.   Before we moved to this farm we had a huge farm-house in the county with about 20 acres. I dedicated one entire room to my collection of Georgetown, and other collectible dolls of all sizes and shapes.  I kept them in covered cases and displayed them on all four walls of the “doll room”.  Most of the dolls are 16″ – 24″ tall and some are 32″ – 36″ tall.

I’ve always been an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction and kept all of my hardcover books even after they’ve been read.  The audiobooks were mostly read when I was working and drove 45 minutes each way five days a week.  Listening to the books made the ride home more interesting! One room held most of my books and audio books in our old home.  In our present home the dolls are wrapped up and placed in sealed totes to keep them nice.  The books and audiobooks are all over the house and I’m not exaggerating.

This bookcase is in my dressing room off the guest room and is filled with gardening, homesteading, crafting and sewing books.

Third shelf in my sewing room.

Second bookcase in my sewing room.

This bookcase is in the guest room.

This shelf is in our guest room.  The bottom shelf is where all of my audiobooks are shelved along with a bookcase in the dressing room.

This shelf in one of three in my sewing room.

These shelves are in our upstairs foyer.

Now I MUST downsize and find a new home for these dolls.  Here’s a preview:

Goodreads -What I’ve been reading

I’m retired now and miss the audiobooks that I listened too each morning going to work and traveling home each evening.  Since I don’t go off the farm that much now about the only time I get to listen to them is when traveling to and from  visiting my brother in Covington or going to my monthly trips grocery shopping or going to the feed store.  The following are are a few I’ve listened to this past year and recommend to anyone that likes a good book.





GapCreek_Robert Morgan

GrayMountain_John Grisham







Now, I MUST review them in my Goodreads account and recommend to some of my followers.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I have.