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They’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These lovely creatures returned to our front porch yesterday afternoon while we were having dinner.  I’m so glad I had the fore-thought on Sunday to get the feeders out and sterilize them.  I made a batch of feed for them and filled two feeders just in case they returned.  I watched one ruby-throated gentleman fly around the feeder yesterday afternoon for about an hour.  Last summer we had over twenty at one time and they kept me busy filling the feeders. They also keep the attention of our two cats but they’re way to quick to be caught.

I keep at least four feeders on the front porch and two in the back yard once the little travelers all arrive.  They are amazing to watch and they are vigorous fighters.  That’s the main reason I have so many feeders out.  I also have a lots of their favorite flowers growing in the yard during the summer but for the next couple months I’ll supplement their diet with my own concoction which consists of one cup of sugar to four cups of water.  I bring the mixture to a full boil for five minutes and let it cool before pouring into the feeder.  Normally, I feed them from April 15th through September 30th.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!