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World of Technology

It’s hard to believe that a little black box called modem can stop communication in this world but it did in my world. I’m back though and hope to entertain and possibly educate about how we live on the farm.

The modem went bad and apparently it happens everyday and all it took was one visit from our wonderful TDS employee to get me back to posting. For over two months I would be in the middle of a post and like magic it would all disappear. It was most aggravating but I promise I did not rant, rave or cry! I did not throw the machine out the windows (too expensive to replace). I called the kids!! My son was afraid my computer might be dying or the modem might be bad. My daughter bought over her modem and we tried that and like magic it worked BUT it had quit working at her house. She took the cord from my modem and her black box and went back to her house to experiment. My modem was dead and her cord was dead.

I reported what was happening to our local phone service (TDS) and they made a service appointment for the next day. My daughter did the same thing but I think she had a really bad experience with her service rep and . . . . Well let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and she got a service appointment for that afternoon. We are both back online!!!

Thank you to my technician, thank you to my kids for trying to help this old brain and her electronics and thank you to my blogging friends for waiting for me to return!!

Here’s a rose for your day from my garden:

Computer in the Country

I have been so aggravated with my internet connection at home lately.  It just gets worse and today I contacted our carrier from my office during a break.  He gave me five steps to take when I get home and three of the five I’ve done so many times it’s not funny.  The tech I talked with said he could see that my connection was slow (duh!) and thinks if I initiate the steps when I get home it will be better.  After an hour of going through all the steps it’s no better than it was.  Tony, the tech, was very patient with me and has entered a outside inspection of our phone box and connections and if they determine everything is okay then they’ll set up a inside inspection.  The situation is worse when you I have a really high speed connection at work and then come home and have to wait 20-30 minutes for a connection to my email or blog.  Computers are wonderful when they work but when they don’t it’s maddening.  I’ve vented now so it’s time to calm down and chill out so I don’t have bad dreams about it!!  What I really need is for the weather to warm and stay warm so I can work outside in the evenings and not have enough time to get on the computer.  There I go again wishing my life away!  Enough griping, I’ll close for the evening!


Frustration, defeat, disappointment, letdown, thwarting, foiling, hindrance, hinderance, interference, annoyancy, chafe, vexation.  These are all synonyms for the way I felt by the end of the day yesterday.  At the end of the day I was so frustrated with myself that I could have cried.  I spent the majority of the day correcting one single form for the same thing that needed a different correction five times.  I just could not get it together.  I knew what I was doing but I was over analyzing it all day long.  Have you ever had those days?  Did you ever feel like dimentia or Alzheimers was creeping up on you way too soon?  Did you ever want to say “forget it, I’ve had enough”?  Did you ever wonder if some alien joined you during the night and ate up the portion of your brain that completes forms?  Yes, now I laugh!!!  BUT, I hope yesterday stays far, far away and today is the beginning of a brand new month of coherent thinking and organizing.   HAVE A VERY BLESSED DAY!!!!!!!!