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The Collection Must Go

While contemplating spring cleaning, I have decided that I need to get rid of a lot of the collections I have including books, audio books and dolls.  Down-sizing will free up some space and cut down on my dusting which is always a good thing!!!

I have been a collector of beautiful dolls for over 25 years.  All of my dolls were expensive dolls with porcelain bodies and dressed in beautiful costumes.   Before we moved to this farm we had a huge farm-house in the county with about 20 acres. I dedicated one entire room to my collection of Georgetown, and other collectible dolls of all sizes and shapes.  I kept them in covered cases and displayed them on all four walls of the “doll room”.  Most of the dolls are 16″ – 24″ tall and some are 32″ – 36″ tall.

I’ve always been an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction and kept all of my hardcover books even after they’ve been read.  The audiobooks were mostly read when I was working and drove 45 minutes each way five days a week.  Listening to the books made the ride home more interesting! One room held most of my books and audio books in our old home.  In our present home the dolls are wrapped up and placed in sealed totes to keep them nice.  The books and audiobooks are all over the house and I’m not exaggerating.

This bookcase is in my dressing room off the guest room and is filled with gardening, homesteading, crafting and sewing books.

Third shelf in my sewing room.

Second bookcase in my sewing room.

This bookcase is in the guest room.

This shelf is in our guest room.  The bottom shelf is where all of my audiobooks are shelved along with a bookcase in the dressing room.

This shelf in one of three in my sewing room.

These shelves are in our upstairs foyer.

Now I MUST downsize and find a new home for these dolls.  Here’s a preview:

Spring To-Do List

I consider myself a pretty organized person.  I also consider myself a pretty hard worker.  AND, a lot of people that know me think that I’m a cleaning fanatic.  I don’t.  I clean a lot but if I don’t have a list to go by and check off, I only do a fair job.  I have lists for everything.  I have Christmas lists, shopping list, gardening list, spring cleaning lists, spring chores, fall chores, and the list goes on and on and on.  I thought I would share two of my lists today.  First is my spring cleaning list and I start preparing this list during the winter when I can’t do much outside and sitting in front of the TV at night, thinking about the things I should be doing!


In each room:

Dust all decor, furniture(under & around), ceiling fans & lights, walls

Wipe down walls and baseboards, interior and exterior doors

Take down curtains and wash

Clean/shampoo furniture

Wash windows and ceils, inside and out

Clean all trashcans

Clean all fixtures, doorknobs, switch plates, ceiling lights, paintings (including behind)

Clean/replace blinds


Mop floors


In the kitchen:

Purge and organize kitchen

Clean kitchen cabinets and drawers & replace shelving paper

Clean small kitchen appliances

Clean stove top and oven

Clean refrigerator and freezer (new this year, shelving paper on refrigerator shelves and drawers)

Clean all decor on shelves and all wall decor (and behind)

Clean kitchen table and chairs (don’t forget the chair rungs)

Replace kitchen chair pads
In the bedrooms:

Wash bedding

Air the mattresses for several hours and spray w/Lysol

Clean bedroom closets & purge clothing & shoes

Clean Sassy’s bed and replace mattress in her bed

In the bathroom:

Clean bathroom cabinets

Wash shower curtains and liners

Purge medicine and toiletries

Clean the toilet tank, bowl and outside
Special chores to complete during the late spring or during the spring clean:

  • Paint mantel bolts.
  • Make new quilts for bedrooms.
  • Make new hassock covers.
  • Re-finish master bedroom floors .
  • Put down corner round in guest bedroom.
  • Build bookshelves in guest bedroom.
  • Rebuild closet in Master bedroom.
  • Clean out downstairs closet.


    • Put water spigot at back of house.
    • Clean up old herb garden.
    • Clean up game feeders.
    • Clean up bus houses & repair.
    • Move lilies, peonies & roses.
    • Board up the back of the milk house.
    • Stack wood in milk house.
    • Fix roof on sugar house.
    • Clean cellar and apple house.
    • Clean up smoke house.
    • Clean out boat house.
    • Clean up  paddle boat.
    • Replace plug in paddle boat
    • Clean up all lawn furniture.
    • Make new pillows for lawn furniture using old denim jeans.
    • Transplant peonies from mansion & red house.
    • Clean up front porch and mop.
    • Refinish & paint exterior doors from porch.
    • Clean up small chick room in hen house.
    • Tar paper interior walls of chicken house.
    • Paint the chicken house roof.
    • Clean up and store the bird feeders
    • Make more birdhouses.
    • Prune all shrubs & roses in yard.
    • Clean up flower beds.
    • Transplant more garlic to large tire planter from haylot.
    • Set up another tire planter for more rhubarb.
    • Set up another tire planter for asparagus.
    • Move furniture out of tractor shed.
    • Cut out and spray all pawpaw sprouts in back yard.
    • Put dinner bells up (corner of front yard and at gazebo).
    • Paint front porch columns.
    • Stain front porch and waterproof.
    • Clean up yard.
    • Put up solar lights at Gazebo.
    • Replace wire over chicken house windows.
    • Put new bedding in chicken nest.
    • Hang chicken water tank from ceiling near food bin.
    • Put new supers on bee hives.
    • Change batteries in solar lights.
    • Clean off potting table in yard and fill with flowers.
    • Transplant white orchid iris, oriental iris and peonies.
    • Prune and tie up raspberries.
    • Clean off tree limbs in apple orchard.

As you can see I have plenty to keep me busy inside and out of the house.  I think I need some elves or get myself cloned about three or four times.  Oh well, if it gets done, wonderful, and if it doesn’t, it’ll be there another year.  As for my clean house,  if visitors come to see my house instead of me, they can pitch in and help!!  Guess I better get off this computer and get busy!! 😉

New fencing in2013

A new year of fencing has begun.  Hubby pulled out the old fence over a month ago and then the weather got bad and then hunting season got in full swing.  This area of fencing is at the bull lot and had originally been made of chestnut railing.  Over fifty years ago it was used a lot and was a very useful tool for short spances of fencing.  Weather and bulls being bulls had worn it down and it’s just one more area completed.  The bulls seem to know that they won’t be pushing this fence around.    Boards were essential at both ends of this stretch due to the bracing of the heavy gate and at the other end was a short wet area where the mountain spring fed the pond.  We thought sitting the end post with quickrete would fix the problem but it was never dry enough to set up so good oak boards stretched across  a couple lenths worked fine and made for a sturdy fence. Four strands of  high tinsel electric wiring is between the boarded sections.














This will be just a small section of the fencing to be done this year but it’s a good start.  Dad and daughter did a fine days work and enjoyed each others company while I was at work.

Sampler quilt beginnings

I’ve set a goal for the year of completing a king-sized sampler quilt in burgundy as the primary color.  I started it yesterday and completed six 10 inch blocks.  Now, I just have to keep it up and hopefully have all of the 200+ blocks completed in three months, I hope!!  I thought I would share the blocks as I go along so this will be a continuing post.  Here’s the first six:

Block  #1

Block #1

Block #2

Block #2

Blcok  #3

Blcok #3

Block #4

Block #4

Block #5

Block #5

Block #6

Block #6

I think this is a pretty good start and if I 12 weeks to complete 200 blocks, that means I have to complete about 17 blocks a week, which works out to three a day for the next three months.  WOW!  Maybe I’d better rethink this time limit and make it six months instead of three.  Oh well, I will get it done and I will post as I go.  Wish me luck!!  Did I tell you I also have three baby quilts to start and finish by JUNE 2013!!!!!!!


I’ve got a hobby that started just a few years ago in earnest called quilting.  My grandmother Bradley used to quilt for the whole family.  She saved every scrap of fabric leftover from making grandchildren’s and great grandchildren’s clothes.  I think I got my talent from her as none of the other family on my mom’s side quilted that I know of and my Mom had to many kids (7) to think about sewing for a hobby; it was only done by necessity.  I love the peace it brings me and the satisfaction of piecing together bits of fabric and making something beautiful.  Here are a few that I have pictures of that I’ve made.


9 Patch w red backing quilt 001


Nine Patch




Blue & White Shock

Hunting Season 2011 072


Splash of color for hubby!

Joels Christmas quilt 2011 (3) Joels Christmas quilt 2011 (4)


Country Hues for my son-in-law.

margarets fall 2010 quilt 001


Margaret’s Quilt

rita's first quilt


My first work!!



Guest room lavender!



Victoria’s Cats

I’ve made a quilt for my son but don’t have pictures of it.  I made my first quilt with blocks of candlewicking of mauve and pink  butterflies and used unbleached muslin as the background and backed it with mauve flannel.  It was so warm but I can’t find it.    I’ve made two baby quilts and here they are.

Melisa Kele's baby quilt

Melisa Kele’s baby quilt

Ripepi baby quilt

Ripepi baby quilt

Now, I’m inspired to get busy and quilt some more.  The hardest part about making a quilt for me is deciding on the pattern and then selecting the colors to make it pop.  Hopefully 2013 will  be filled with quilting masterpieces.

Time to think of fall chores

Autumn Leaves

Do you keep a list of chores for each season?  I do and mainly to have a “go-to” when I want a quick chore in the evenings before dark.  Sounds anal I know but lots of times after I get home from work I want something quick to do so I don’t just crash on the couch immediately after supper.  All of the things on the list are important to complete before winter and probably only to me.  Here’s my list:

  • Gather flower seeds.
  • Clean all of the fans before storing for winter.
  • Store pillows/covers on porch furniture.
  • Spray porches and around house several times for spiders and other bugs.
  • Clean & take patio furniture to barn.  Cover.
  • Put new bedding in dog boxes.
  • Cover Chicken house windows.
  • Paint chicken house roof.
  • Clean out chicken roost.
  • Put new bedding in chicken nest.
  • Hang chicken water tank from ceiling near food bin.
  • Store new apple and chestnut trees  in mansion cellar.
  • Clean up green house.
  • Hang plastic for spring planting in green house.
  • Put up shelving in green house.
  • Order seeds for spring planting.
  • Clean off strawberry, garlic and asparagus garden & mulch.
  • Clean off flower beds and mulch.
  • Clean up gazebo and stain before cold weather.
  • Clean up smokehouse.
  • Gather kindling for fire starters.
  • Clean off potting table and store all pots.
  • Clean up bird feeders and fill for winter.
  • Stock up on bird seed for winter.
  • Transplant white orchid iris, oriental iris and peonies.
  • Prune and tie up raspberries.
  • Move all coneflowers to same spot or two spots in yard.
  • Spread coneflower seeds under kitchen and bathroom windows.
  • Move hibiscus to outside of fence.
  • Transplant small hibiscus to front fence on both sides of front gate.
  • Rebuild west flower garden, making smaller and fill with shade plants.
  • Take down soft swing under maple tree.
  • Plant hibiscus at pond.
  • Clean off and mulch new asparagus patch.
  • Divide rhubarb and move some to another tire planter.
  • Buy zinc and fertilizer for pecan trees & spread.  Mulch
  • Fertilize and mulch English Walnut trees.

It doesn’t seem like much but it usually takes me a couple months to get it all done but I do get it done.  I select a chore by length of time to get it done and priority of getting it done.  Do you use lists like this?

August/September Preparation for a bad winter

I can’t believe it’s the end of July!  This year has flown by!!  It’s time to start aggressively storing food for the winter, gathering wood, and winterizing all the animal sheds and the house.  I’ll save the house for last since the next two months will probably turn out to be our hottest months.  The farm equipment should be finished for the year except for a couple tractors.  Hubby always cleans them up and checks everything out for worn parts and replacement parts.  I clean up the garden and yard equipment but still a little early for that.  The major thing now is the garden.  I will have more green beans to can this coming week and weekend, more squash to freeze, onions to store and more cabbage to do something with.  The tomatoes and peppers are near ready yet and the summer “duratio” did away with most of the fruit.  Luckily I stored lots last year.

Hubby worked on filling the wood house again today and the split stack is out of the rain.  We still have a large load to split and more down from the storm to cut & split for the following winter.

All of the hay is stacked and ready for winter and hubby is in the process of cleaning up the hay equipment.  The roofs have been taken care of and I have to put new interior tar paper in the chicken house.  All of the major fence repairs have been made and the pastures are being sheared now.

Keeping up and gettin’ ur dun!!!

I started my spring cleaning in mid-May and I’m almost done.  I did the pantry first and did it in 1 1/2 days.Ceiling to floor clean up!! It’s looks so good!!

Next stop the bathroom.  We only have one and it’s quite small but it fulfills our needs.  It took another day and a half to clean floor to ceiling but I got it done the day before the vacation started.  We had planned so many things inside and out of the house to do that I knew I’d need to start early.  Here’s my mini-bath.

Now we move on to the side porch.  This also is a small area but it took three days because the new windows needed painting.  Two walls needed painting and then the day after the paint was dry we had a rain that lasted several hours with high winds and downpours and our NEW roof sprung a leak.    GUESS WHAT!  Another day of  re-painting to cover the leak stains but I got it done and it looks really nice.

After a completely new renovation last fall and new windows and tile, I think it looks pretty darned good!

Now, it only took one day to do a ceiling to floor cleaning of little brothers’ room but it got new curtains which I made a couple months before.  He was pretty pleased when he came home.  He spent a week with another brother during my spring cleaning spree!

Little brother’s room

The next room downstairs was our Master Bedroom.  One day did it because I sleep in this room every night and I want a clean room when I’m sleeping.  I keep it in pretty good shape all the time but I did put up freshly made curtains and rearranged everything in the room.  I also moved my computer in this room for convenience as opposed to upstairs.

Master Bedroom

West Wall of Bedroom

It’s clean!!






Once this was completed I headed upstairs to clean it.  I’m saving the living room and kitchen for last.

Vacation was over so now I work on the weekends to finish the “spring cleaning” that has turned into the “summer cleaning”.


I have a goal though and it MUST be completed by August 1st.  The following are what is completed upstairs in order they were done.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  The last three years I’ve either completed the downstairs or the upstairs but this year I’m determined to get it all done!  The five rooms upstairs took about two days each and thank goodness it wasn’t too hot.  We don’t use air conditioning unless it gets in the upper nineties and then only downstairs.

Upstairs foyer and attic stair case clean!!

Guest bedroom finished!!

Quilt/craft room done!

This is my favorite room in the whole house!!

I don’t have pics of the linen storage room or the dressing room off the guest room but they’re done and this weekend I finished the living room.    The living room is clean and less cluttered.  Should make for easier upkeep from now on.

Now for the kitchen!  It’s such a big undertaking that I’ll wait and do a post on it all by itself.  I have one week to finish it and it’ll take every minute of my free time since it’s also garden harvest time.  This will be a big challenge  because of all the wall decor and my collection of antique  kitchenware which will be taken down, scrubbed and put back when my buddy from Maryland gets here on the 8th to help me re-decorate.  We always have so much fun creating a new atmosphere with “old things”!!  So until my kitchen post I’ll just enjoy the accomplishments of the spring and summer.

More vacation/Spring Cleaning continued

Well, my spring cleaning has turned into summer cleaning.  I’ve procrastinated long enough and this weekend should be a test of my back and legs!!  I’ll be cleaning the room that everything landed in on the second floor when I cleaned the other three rooms.  I have a very large storage/linen room upstairs that is full of winter clothing, junk, excess furniture, lumber, flooring, paint and so many other things that don’t need to be there.  Then, there’s the cleaning up and out of the things that should be in the room.  Wish me luck and I’m too embarrassed to show the before pictures but I promise Good Will and the Thrift shop are going to love me on Monday.

Here’s the results of the guest room that’s waiting on my friend’s visit in August and I’m pretty pleased with how it all looks.  I hope she will be very comfortable in it.