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2013 in Review


I don’t know of any year that has flown by like 2013.  We’ve been very blessed to have been healthy most of the time.

We enjoyed a fairly good harvest season and hunting season on the farm. 

January/February started with some wet weather which was good for the very dry pastures and hayfields.  It was a good start for our hay season to come. We had lots of icy mornings for me to travel to work but luckily when they are very icy I can work from home.  Through out the month we had some snow but nothing major. 

 Eddie got back into coonhunting this year and had two walker hounds and a redbone.  Later in the year he got a beautiful plott female that he hopes to train to be as good a dog as some he’s had in the past. 

Little brother, Dean, remained a groundhog, and stayed in as much as possible.  He does not like the cold weather. 

I quilted some, crocheted some and I’m working on a cookbook for my family  and  I’m teaching myself to knit!  

Eddie and I celebrated our 41st year together February 4th and our daughter turned another year older February 3rd! 

I found a new home for my Norwegian Elkhound.  She’s not turned into the hunter/farm dog I was hoping for and she is now living with a wonderful family that has two beautiful kids and Dusty loves kids and attention.  Belle, one of the new dogs, got lost for seven days and she was in sorry shape when we finally got a call that she has come into a farm on Johns Creek.  She never completely recovers from the hunt and dies about six months later.  She was the oldest of the dogs at 13-14 years of age.  The weather was somewhat wetter and we received a little more snow.

March/April is sugar time on the farm and we had our best year since living here.  Maple sugar time and I missed it because of the bronchitis but Eddie cooked off about 6 gallons of syrup and it was the best year we’ve ever had.  The weather was perfect and the honeybees got in on the event.  Some very special friends and the kids helped with the process and some of the neighbors came out to watch.

Baby calves started arriving and we had a great year with only two losses on calves and one cow died calving which allowed one of the mom’s that lost a calf to adopt our little Annabelle. She was bottle-fed for three weeks  and has turned out to be one of the better heifer calves and Eddie decided to keep her and one other black-white face heifer for new breeding stock.  You’ll have to come visit and meet her!

Our daughter, Heather, hit a deer one morning going to work and soon after she got the Tahoe fixed she hit a bear.  Both populations need to be thinned.  Craig is famous for the deer claims.

In April we planted about 30 new apple rootstock this spring and planted some apple, peach, and cherry semi-dwarf trees.  The duratio we had June 2012 destroyed a lot of our old apple and chestnut trees and two of the pecan trees.  Eddie has been kept busy clean up downed timber and filling the Woodhouse with firewood for this winter.  The last four months were wet and the hay fields, pastures, and orchards are getting much-needed moisture. 

Working at Virginia Tech now for two years in April and it’s great job. I’m amazed at the wealth of information my brain has absorbed about energy in our world and the bad press a lot of it gets.   I’ve made lots of new friends and some of the ladies that I work with have decided to start a book club and have asked me to join them once a month and we have so many book choices to choose from.  The ladies in our club have become very special friends and we have lots of fun together.

May/June/July finds us having more and more issues with Dean and he’s been with us almost seven years.  No one can imagine or will know what it’s like living with someone with disabilities and we spent almost as many years taking care of Eddie’s uncle who had Alzheimer’s.

May and June have me feeling much better after a long winter the spring weather has put me in the yard and enjoying working in the dirt.  Eddie treated me to a truck load of perennials and annuals to keep me busy.  It’s hard to find plants that love shade because our yard is surrounded with huge beautiful sugar maple trees but I think I’ve chose some great perennials to fill the void and using some herbs to fill in.  They’ll be used in the kitchen as well.

May had us planning a big birthday celebration for our son, Shawn.  He turned 40 years old June 15th!!   It turned out to be a wonderful 40th birthday party with about 20 of his friends and colleagues and our family coming to spend the evening with him.  We did a big outdoor picnic with games and we had gorgeous and what seemed never-ending fireworks but the highlight of the evening was the slide show a friend of his put together for him.  I had sent her about 100 photos of Shawn dating from birth to present and she put it together in that timeline with a music background and I was in tears by the end of the video.  I got a copy of it a couple of weeks later.  What made it more special was the fact that he received his Bachelors degree in Engineering in May and she added his graduation pictures at the end of the show.  We weren’t able to travel to Newport News for the ceremony so this was so special.

In June, we are having more issues with Dean and have decided it’s time to find some help.  Don’t let anyone tell you is a quick process to get Medicaid for someone.  UNREAL!  I’m working with our local social services to find a very special place for Dean to move to.   

In July/August, we can’t believe the rain we’ve received all spring and summer and it’s been really hard for hubby and our daughter to get the hay cut, processed and rolled. They end the season rolling almost 650 5×6 rolls. 

 Since the end of June, I’ve called over 20 assisted living facilities in Roanoke and Montgomery counties for placement for Dean but there are either no availabilities, private pay/no Medicaid, or he’s not old enough.  I’m not giving up.  He’s been with us for seven years and since I work and Eddie farms 24-7, I’ve decided he needs more help than I am able to give him anymore.

Our garden is non-existent this year except for onions and potatoes and weeds.  AND, it’s still raining.  We’ve got over 30 inches of rain this spring and summer and not enough breaks for the ground to dry and get to the weeds.  Onions and potatoes will still make good eating.

With bow season, black powder and rifle season,(September thru November) we now have a two freezers full for winter meals.  Hubby and our daughter got beautiful nine and ten point bucks and our granddaughter got a nice eight pointer on youth day.  I got a seven pointer while on vacation Thanksgiving.  

We were very blessed to have the kids and two guests join us for a big Thanksgiving feast that I cooked two days for.  The leftovers were wonderful too!!

In September I was hooked up with a weight coach and have lost eleven pounds total and gained back two but my coach says it’s muscle weight not fat so I’m happy but still have about 15 – 20 left to go.  I already feel so much better and dropped a full pant size. Happy, happy, happy!!  Since the weather has turned cold I’m using my treadmill and walking 1 – 1 ¼ miles in 20-25 minutes at a speed of 2.5 – 3 miles per hour.  I actually get more good from the treadmill than normal walking because there too may distractions outdoors to keep up my speed.

November brings more good news, I found an Intermediate Care Facility for my brother in Covington VA which is about 45 minutes from where I live.  I took him to visit the center in November and we were both so impressed.  He wanted to pack everything that night after we got back home.  It’s a beautiful one story home in Covington just off route 18 before getting into the town of Covington.  There are only eight residents(three women and five men) in the home currently and he will make nine, when approved.  He will share one of the large bedrooms with large bath with one other resident.  The rooms are bright and cheerful.  Each day the residents leave at 8:00 a.m. for day school or a job at a recycling center in Clifton Forge and return to the home at 4:00 p.m.  He will be able to decide which he would prefer to go to. The residents go bowling once a week, go to movies, and other entertainment venues all year-long.  I’m told the counselors find talents of their residents and work with them on those talents when not in school or work.  We found out while there that one of the counselors plays the guitar and Dean is taking his guitar to learn how to play.  I’ve never seen him so excited, as I had given up hope of finding a situation that fits him perfectly.  The facility is very secure with locked doors so that no one can enter the facility without being allowed to and meals are taken together in a huge dining room.  There are three rooms for watching TV and all have comfortable furniture and wide-screen TV’s.  One room is a sitting room with large screen TV for viewing DVD’s.  Dean was excited to hear that one of the other residents loves westerns as much as he does. I’ve never seen such a large kitchen in a home.  The centers directors and staff are all so very nice and pleasant and Dean naturally fell in love with all of them.  One of the residents met him at the door when we arrived, took his hand and started taking him around to meet everyone.   His application has been accepted and I just found out on Thursday that the Medicaid should be approved by the end of next week and before 2014.  If all goes well he will move in on January 6th.  I ask for all of your prayers that this will be a blessed fit for him and for me and hubby.  Our hope is that 2014 will be a blessed turn for all of us!

I messed up my hip early December and started seeing my first chiropractor and feel much better.  I will never have another negative thought about chiropractor again. 

I hope that all of you had a very blessed Christmas and that Jesus was a part of your celebration and that you all have a very blessed and prosperous 2014!!


I leave you now with a few photos from 2013!!


View of Little Mountain (8)



IMG_0006 (2)





IMG_0051 (2)


Honey 082013 (4)

baling on mtn 082013

He's on the alert to danger!

He’s on the alert to danger!






Come on, give it up!

Come on, give it up!

Camouflaged in the bloom

Camouflaged in the bloom

honey and july flowers 2013 033



Jippy decided to take a nap!!

Jippy decided to take a nap!!






Asparagus still coming in 05112013 (2)

042013 126

Allium 052013


1st big buck at Heathers 06292013 (13)



Father - Daughter hunt 2013

Father – Daughter hunt 2013


Victoria's last year to early hunt (Youth Day)!!  Papa and Victoria very proud.

Victoria’s last year to early hunt (Youth Day)!! Papa and Victoria very proud.

Victorias pumpkin













Front porch fun

In the heat of the summer day, we spend time on the front porch.  We welcome neighbors and friends and sit around and talk.  I’ve tried to make the porch an enjoyable place to visit with young and old alike.  This year I added a antiques bench on one end of the porch and a game board on the other end with plenty of seating in between.

First I want to show one of my new chairs that I added to the decor and fun!




home 052013 031


                       An old blue stool and a tractor seat =  this:

IMG_0007  IMG_0006  IMG_0005 Believe it or not this is a very comfortable seat.  It’s sturdy, country looking, and fits all sizes!!!

Then I added a game corner for the porch.  I took a vinegar barrel and added a checker board for all too enjoy!  A couple of tall stools on both sides makes for some friendly competition for old and young alike.  Right now the checkboard clother is draped over the barrel but hubby is making me a flat service to fit the checkerboard and the fun begins.

home 052013 024

home 052013 023



I can’t wait to challenge my granddaughter to game of checkers or Life on the Farm game!



Life on the Farm is much like Monopoly but based to farm life instead of city life!

And the last of the porch makeover is this assortment of antique tools we’ve found on the farm which we’ll add to as time goes on!


Wouldn’t you love to come visit on the porch for awhile?!?!?!


Time to ourselves

This past weekend was special time for hubby and me.  We had the house and farm to ourselves for two nights and one day.  You see, almost five years ago my Mom passed away and my youngest brother, Dean, came to live with us full time.  Our family of two became three and no more privacy.

This “special t ime to us is very important.  Our kids left home at the same time and we had a little over six years by ourselves.  Ten years ago we moved to hubby’s uncle’s farm to take care of him because he  had Alzheimers and his caregiver passed away suddenly.  Hubby was his only living heir that could move in and take care of  him and the farm.  While he was doing this, he was also taking care of our small farm and his mother’s 200+ acre farm.  I was working full time to provide us with some extra cash and medical insurance.  We spent another five years with his uncle until he passed away.

Then we had about two years by ourselves again and cherished every moment of the time.  My Mom passed on and we took in my youngest brother who is mentally handicapped.  Our family of two turned into three.    This is why those  “special” weekends alone mean so much to us.  We don’t do anything any differently but just knowing that we can run around in our shorts(hubby) and nightie (me) gives us such a feeling of freedom.  Being able to sit and talk and not having someone in the next room listen to every word.  Until you have been through this it’s hard to grasp the feelings that I’m trying to put in words.

I guess the real reason behind my post is this:

Make every moment in your married life count, cherish each other, do things together!!!  Treat every moment as if it may be your last because there could always come a time when that shared time together won’t be there anymore or things could happen to change that couple into a “group” again.

Good friends

I have several very good friends that mean so much to me. Some are my age, some younger and some older but we all have common interests.

Tonight I want to talk about my friend Holly. She has such a giving heart, she’s a little bit “hippy”, she’s very intelligent, she gives of her time without question and she’s my friend!! We can go for two or three months without talking on the telephone or seeing each other but we always know we’re there for each other all the time. When things bother us to the point of making us nutty, sleepless, unwired, and all those other adjectives that only friends understand, we’re there for each other. Holly, I love you and so enjoyed our visit on Sunday! Forget about the cat!! 😉

Cats are wonderful people!!

Cats are wonderful people!!